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Our Lloyd BMW Approved Service Centres in Cumbria, Lancashire and Newcastle upon Tyne all offer full BMW car maintenance including BMW servicing, MOTs, BMW repairs, brake pads and warranty service.

Lloyd BMW Service Centre Locations

Find our Lloyd BMW Service Centres in some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park. Lloyd BMW has service centres in Blackpool, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Colne, Newcastle and the South Lakes.


Bringing your BMW to one of our Approved BMW Centres for service and maintenance can have more benefits than you might think. Only technicians trained to BMW’s latest manufacturer standards carry out work on your car using only manufacturer-approved processes and equipment.  You can therefore have complete peace of mind that your BMW is getting the care it deserves.

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BMW Servicing

All BMWs now operate on a condition-based servicing schedule, meaning that your car will inform you when a service is due. With the latest “key read” technology we can tell you exactly what you BMW requires at that time.
Should your car have the Teleservices function, as your preferred BMW retailer we can be informed automatically whenever your car needs a service, repair or inspection, and contact you directly to arrange your appointment.

CLICK HERE to learn more about BMW Teleservices.

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BMW Value Service

You would rightly expect outstanding levels of service at an authorised BMW Centre, but our competitive prices for an Oil and Microfilter Service, might come as a pleasant surprise.

1 Series
Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2004 - 2011 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00
Up to 2999cc 2004 - 2011 £149.00 £149.00 £205.00
Up to 1999cc 2011 - Present £199.00 £179.00 £209.00

3 Series
Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2004 - 2012 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00
Up to 2999cc 2004 - 2012 £149.00 £149.00 £205.00
Up to 1999cc 2012 - Present* £199.00 £179.00 £209.00
Up to 2999cc 2012 - Present* £199.00 £179.00 £225.00

5 Series
Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2003 - 2010 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00
Up to 2999cc 2003 - 2010 £169.00 £149.00 £205.00
Up to 1999cc 2010 - 2017 £199.00 £179.00 £309.00
Up to 2999cc 2010 - 2017 £199.00 £179.00 £309.00

Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2009 - 2015 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00

Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2004 - 2010 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00
Up to 2999cc 2004 - 2010 £149.00 £149.00 £205.00
Up to 1999cc 2010 - Present £169.00 £169.00 £169.00
Up to 2999cc 2010 - Present £169.00 £169.00 £189.00

Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 1999cc 2014 - Present £169.00 £169.00 £169.00
Up to 2999cc 2014 - Present £169.00 £169.00 £189.00

X5 / X6
Engine Size Year of Production Front Brakes Pads Rear Brake Pads Oil and Micro Filter Service
Up to 2999cc 2006 - 2013 £199.00 £169.00 £265.00

You have the reassurance of knowing that BMW Trained Technicians will carry out the work using the latest diagnostic equipment and Genuine BMW Parts with a 2-year warranty. Coming to an authorised BMW Centre will also protect the value of your car, should you ever decide to sell. Better still, all customers benefit from a complimentary car clean and our free BMW Wi-Fi while you’re with us.

* Vehicle must be 3 years old or more to be included in the Value Service offer. For vehicles that fall within 2 age brackets, the price will be determined by the vehicle code. Please contact your preferred Lloyd Retailer for more information.

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The Lloyd BMW Service Plan

When you bring your car in for a service, wouldn’t it be good to know your servicing costs are already covered? From just £13 per month*, we can create a service plan tailored to suit all your vehicle servicing needs. You can choose the length of time and level of cover your plan will include depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle.

1 Service*

1st Payment 17 Payments of Service Plan Cost
1, 2, 3, 4 Series £43.50 £13.50 £273.00
X1, Z4 £43.50 £13.50 £273.00
5, 6 Series £48.00 £18.00 £354.00
X3 / X4 £43.00 £13.00 £264.00
X5 / X6 £46.50 £16.50 £327.00

2 Services*

1st Payment 35 Payments of Service Plan Cost
1, 2, 3, 4 Series £58.00 £27.00 £1,003.00
X1, Z4 £58.00 £27.00 £1,003.00
5, 6 Series £62.00 £32.00 £1,182.00
X3 / X4 £49.00 £23.50 £871.00
X5 / X6 £62.00 £32.00 £1,182.00

The Lloyd Service Plan is completely flexible to your needs, enabling you to spread the cost of your servicing with interest-free monthly payments. It is completely inflation-proof, as costs are fixed at today’s prices. Should you wish to cancel your plan or change your car during the course of the agreement, any unused funds can be transferred to a new plan or refunded to you.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Lloyd BMW, for a personalised quotation.
*Terms and conditions apply, price based on 2018 registered vehicle, mileage approx 8,000 per annum. Price for servicing only.  


BMW MOT for only £39.99

Complete peace of mind for only £39.99.

If your BMW is over three years old, it will require an annual MOT inspection. It's a standard inspection of over 150 safety-related and emissions systems, including lights, steering, brakes and suspension. With the reassurance of a vehicle video report, we can advise you on any items that require immediate attention or a give you an indication of any future work required. As part of your MOT test appointment you will receive:
  • Complimentary vehicle health check
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum
  • Complimentary software vehicle enhancements where applicable
  • Expert testing carried out by BMW-trained technicians to the latest manufacturer standards

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Lloyd BMW and book your next MOT today.
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Express MOT.

At Lloyd BMW we understand booking appointments to suit your busy schedule can come at an inconvenience. Designed to fit around you and completed from start to finish within just 60 minutes, our new Express MOT option is just the solution you've been looking for.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a complimentary coffee or snack in the showroom whilst our BMW trained technicians get to work on your vehicle. The best part? You can have your BMW back where it belongs – on the road – as soon as possible.


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First MOT just around the corner? Thanks to your complimentary BMW MOT Protect, you won’t be losing any sleep over the test. In the unlikely event that your car fails to pass first time, BMW MOT Protect will cover the cost of replacement and labour on a range of components.

What’s included?

  • Electrical and lighting equipment – all lamps, bulbs and reflectors, horn, windscreen wipers and washers (excluding impact damage).
  • Brakes – all braking system components, but excluding adjustments or frictional material related to normal wear and tear.
  • Steering and suspension – all steering and suspension components, including failure from wear and tear, but excluding adjustments.
  • Seat belt and seat belt fitting – all seat belt components and mountings.
  • Fuel system – fuel injection components and ECU replacement as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT test exhaust gas emission standards. Fuel leakage from the tank and pipes is covered except where failure relates to road accident or external impact damage.
  • Vehicle structure – is covered for corrosion damage, but not where the failure relates to road accident damage, external impact damage or any previous repair.

What's not included?

  • The cost of the MOT test or re-test.
  • Road wheels and tyres.
  • Windscreen.
  • Routine adjustments or damage resulting from impact or accident.
  • Repairs which are not completed within 30 days of the issue of an MOT inspection form failing the vehicle for its MOT test.
  • Advisory items cited on an MOT inspection report passing the vehicle on its MOT test.
  • Vehicles which are not serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Components which have been modified from the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Any vehicle used for competitions, racing, pace making, or rallies.
  • Any repair or replacement caused by any act or omission, which is willful, unlawful or negligent.
  • Faulty repair of any item.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Lloyd BMW for more information. 


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Unable to achieve a comfortable temperature or de-fog your windscreen? Your car may need an air conditioning service. Regardless of mileage, it is suggested your BMW has an air conditioning service every 2 years to ensure it is working to optimum performance.

As part of the service we include:
• Full system checks for both pressure and leaks
• Complete drain and refilling of refrigerant and lubricants
• FREE air vent treatment included helping keep that new car smell

And as to be expected, the BMW Air Conditioning Service comes with a level of expertise only available at a BMW Service Centre.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Lloyd BMW.

*Subject to vehicle model/year of production. Please contact your nearest retailer for more information / if your vehicle is applicable.


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Lloyd BMW Warranty

Put A Stop To Unexpected Costs.
Lloyd Extended Warranty from only £45 per month.*

With Lloyd Approved Extended Warranty you can enjoy all the security that a warranty provides, protecting you against the costs of unexpected vehicle repairs. Specially written for Lloyd BMW, the policy provides mechanical breakdown cover and replacement parts should any covered component fail. It even extends to include wear and tear on covered component parts.

What’s more, in the price quoted, the policy includes:
  • Protection against unexpected costs
  • MOT Test Insurance
  • Call Assist Breakdown Cover
  • Complimentary Quality Enhancements where applicable
  • BMW Trained Technicians

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BMW Pay Monthly Repair Option. 

Unexpected repair cost or looking to upgrade your BMW with a BMW M Performance Kit? At Lloyd BMW we now offer a solution to spread the cost of any repair, service or accessory purchase over 6 - 12 months on interest-free monthly payments.

  • Personal details; name, DOB, email address, phone number
  • Address details; last 3 years UK address history
  • Employment details; income, number of years employed, employers name and title


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Convenience Options

We appreciate that having your BMW serviced or MOT’d takes valuable time out of your day so we have devised a number of alternatives to give your maximum convenience and minimum disruption, such as:
  • Fast Lane Service available – get your BMW serviced in less than 90 minutes
  • Service while you wait with complimentary wifi and refreshments
  • Collections and delivery service depending on location and availability
  • Courtesy lift service into the city centre or other convenient location
  • Courtesy car subject to availability
Whatever solution you choose, keeping your BMW’s service and MOT schedule up to date is vital to ensure it performs at its best and continues to give you miles of driving pleasure.

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The Business Chapter.
Service while you work.

We appreciate that when your BMW is due service or maintenance, this can take valuable time out of your busy schedule. At Lloyd, we have a number of convenience solutions for our business users to ensure your BMW is back on the road as soon as possible.


  • Dedicated customer waiting area
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi to make your stay a productive one
  • Complimentary refreshments while your wait
  • Browse Genuine BMW Accessories and Lifestyle products, or even test drive the latest BMW model


  • Our BMW Technicians can carry out a range of service and maintenance tasks within 90 minutes
  • We offer the very earliest appointment dates, without the need for alternative transport
  • With you on hand, our service staff can consult with you instantly about your vehicle

CLICK HERE to contact your nearest Lloyd BMW. 


BMW Accident Call

The new BMW Accident Call provides fast and convenient help in the case of low-speed accidents. With just the press of a button, our Accident Assistance Agents take the matter in hand and help to get you mobile again. This is how it works: the state-of-the-art sensor technology of your BMW detects the incident. It then automatically offers the option to contact the BMW Accident Assistance Team.


Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, remember that you have the right to choose who repairs your car. By having repairs carried out at an Approved BMW Bodyshop, you can be assured that only Genuine BMW Parts and the latest Approved BMW repair techniques will be used to return your BMW to its original Euro NCAP safety rating. You will also receive the exceptional levels of service that you would expect from BMW.

Additionally, A-Call also provides you with the following benefits.

  • Automatic accident detection 
  • Automatic geographical location transmission
  • Immediate support from BMW Accident Assistance Agents
  • If required recovery will be arranged
  • Contact from an Approved BMW Bodyshop 

* Not every accident is automatically detected due to technical reasons. In such exceptional cases, BMW Accident Call can be manually activated.

All you have to do is to confirm this offer of help with the iDrive Controller. The BMW Accident Assistance Agents are then ready to offer you their professional and expert assistance. If your vehicle is still drivable, we arrange contact with an Approved BMW Bodyshop. If not, we will be happy to organise recovery of your vehicle to your chosen Approved BMW Bodyshop.

CLICK HERE to contact your nearest Lloyd Retailer for more information or to find out if your BMW is applicable. 


Customer Feedback

Excellent service, highly recommend faultless.

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