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Honda Parts

Your Honda is built using only genuine Honda parts so why should it be any different when it comes to maintaining it? Only genuine Honda parts can ensure you are getting the full driving potential from your Honda by keeping it 100% Honda through and through.

A considerable amount of thought and expertise goes into every one of the components that make up your Honda to ensure you receive maximum quality and performance. Each part has been specifically designed and manufactured to fit your Honda to the exact manufacturer requirements, so you can get the best quality that your vehicle has been designed for. 

Honda Accessories

Maximise your Honda’s personality with our range of design, storage and technological solutions ot make your Honda even more suited to your lifestyle. Whether it is chrome trims to emphasise your Honda’s elegance or roof rails to prepare for a great adventure, only Honda accessories can ensure that your car stays 100% Honda.

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My father received superb customer service after he bought a Honda CRV from Lloyds, Brown Brothers Honda in Peebles should take note, I'd certainly return to Lloyds in Carlisle to buy a car even though I live over 100 miles away, unlike brown bros in Peebles, I wouldn't cross the road to look at any of their vehicles Great service from Lloyds and thanks for looking after us.

Stephen Henderson - Lloyd Carlisle Honda

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