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Our Lloyd Jaguar Centre in Carlisle offers full Jaguar car maintenance including Jaguar servicing, MOT, Jaguar repairs, brake pad, and warranty service. Located beside some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park.

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Jaguar Servicing

Keep your Jaguar performing at its peak with servicing and maintenance that you can trust, performed by trained technicians and using Jaguar genuine parts, with a 2-year parts warranty.

For vehicles over 3 years old, we also provide competitive Jaguar 3+ Servicing, so whether you choose a service, brake pads and discs, cambelt replacement, brake fluid change or need new front wiper blades, you can rest assured that the work will be carried out at the best possible price.


Complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check

As part of our supreme level of service, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the overall condition of your Jaguar with a complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check as part of the vehicle servicing procedure.

Lasting approximately 15 minutes, the Electronic Vehicle Health Check includes a Service Advisor taking you through a report of the results. The video below explains how this works.

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The Lloyd Jaguar Service Plan

When you bring your car in for a service, wouldn’t it be good to know your servicing costs are already covered?
Our Jaguar Service Plans are available for all new Jaguars. This will allow you to plan for your future servicing needs. Spread the cost with monthly payments or pay upfront in one single lump sum. It’s completely tailored and built around your needs.

Should you wish to cancel your plan or change your car during the course of the agreement, any unused funds can be transferred to a new plan or refunded to you.

Enter your details below for your personalised quotation today.

Please note that we will share your information with our Service Plan partner eMaC and your chosen Lloyd Retailer. For more information on our data promise to you, see our Privacy Policy (Click link here).

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Jaguar MOT Test

All Jaguar vehicles aged 3 years and older require an MOT. As part of your MOT appointment at Lloyd Jaguar you will receive:

  • Competitive prices

  • Convenient appointment and collection times

  • A detailed explanation of invoice and work carried out

  • Complimentary visual health check

Should your MOT test reveal any additional work required you can be assured that the work is carried out to Jaguar standards by factory-trained technicians using Genuine Jaguar parts to help maintain your vehicle’s resale value.



Jaguar Air Conditioning Service

Unable to achieve a comfortable temperature or de-fog your windscreen? Your car may need an air conditioning service. Regardless of mileage, it is suggested your Jaguar has an air conditioning service every 2 years to ensure it is working to optimum performance.

Did you know?

  • Your Air Conditioning requires regassing every 2 years as 10-15% is used before it’s even turned on.
  • Having your Air Conditioning re-gassed decontaminates your system, removes any bacteria that could potentially filter back through and be released into your car.
  • You should maintain your Air Conditioning even in the colder months as it helps demist your windows quicker.
  • A clean Air Conditioning system reduces emissions as dirty or damaged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine affecting the cars air fuel balance.
  • Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency improving acceleration.
  • Not regassing your Air Conditioning will leave it less efficient and less effective when you want to cool down or demist your windows.

During your Air Conditioning Service we will check for any leaks in the system to ensure the system is maintaining as much gas as possible.

And as to be expected, the Jaguar Air Conditioning Service comes with a level of expertise only available at a Jaguar Service Centre.


Jaguar InControl Remote

Link your vehicle’s cabin seamlessly and securely with your world.


Designed to make driving safer and more enjoyable, InControl is the technological heart of your Jaguar’s cabin experience. Surround yourself with precise environment control, navigation, entertainment and security.

InControl Systems
InControl Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo act as the control hub for a wide range of information, entertainment, navigation and vehicle features.

Our choice of embedded live apps and a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot ensure everyone connects easily inside your Jaguar.

Enhanced by InControl’s seamless connectivity, Navigation Pro learns your regular routes to update you with information, traffic and ETA.

Secure Tracker
InControl provides a wealth of services to protect your vehicle from theft and assist you in the event of an emergency.

Safety and Assistance
Stay safer on the road and minimise the risk of bumps and scratches with InControl Parking and Driving Assistance.



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Lloyd Bodyshop

Your Local Jaguar Approved Bodyshop

We understand how important it is to act quickly in the event of an accident. Bringing your vehicle to an approved repairer means we can not only guarantee prompt repairs but that you can also benefit from manufacturer support.


By choosing a manufacturer Approved Bodyshop, you can rest assured that your car will be returned to its original Euro NCAP safety rating.

At Lloyd Bodyshop, we are experts in all accident damage, cosmetic repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment.


Customer Feedback

Love the car. Josh sorted us out efficiently and more importantly delivered on his promises. He brought our pick up date forward with out fuss. First rate experience.

Ian Younger - Lloyd Carlisle Jaguar

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