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Our Lloyd Jaguar centre in Carlisle offers tyre safety advice, checks and tyres for sale. Located beside some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park, Lloyd Jaguar covers Cumbria and Scotland for Jaguar maintenance.

Jaguar genuine wheels and tyres are designed specifically to work with the safety systems of your Jaguar and engineered to deliver geometric and balance standards. Crafted with an aluminium and silicon alloy for optimum strength and durability, each wheel is scrutinised by X-ray to check it's free from even microscopic of cracks.

Next time you need replacement tyres, contact our service department for a quotation as we price-match our range of tyres to ensure that like-for-like tyres are as competitively-priced as they can be.



For maximum grip and minimum wear over challenging winter surfaces, Jaguar winter tyres are specially designed for the high-performance requirements of your Jaguar. They are manufactured from materials suitable for use below 7°C, and feature 1,500 sipes (grooves) to repel snow, water, ice and slush. Compared to standard tyres, stopping distance can be reduced by up to 59%. For more information, and to purchase Jaguar approved winter tyres, contact Lloyd Jaguar Carlisle.


Lloyd Jaguar can also organise the secure storage of your summer tyres to maintain their condition throughout the winter months, whilst handling the fitting of your winter tyres.


To keep you safe when the surface is at its worst, we recommend you invest in either the easily-fitted, textile Snow Sock Winter Traction Aid, that fits to all four wheels to improve grip, or the Snow Traction System snow chains, which are fitted to the back wheels only. Contact Lloyd Jaguar Carlisle for yours.

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Brilliant service all round and especially from Josh, who really believes in what he's selling but isn't too pushy. The keyrings were a nice touch and the lemon drizzle cake was lovely. Oh and the car's great too.

Nicola Roberts - Lloyd Carlisle Jaguar

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