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Air-Conditioning Service
Summer Driving Checklist


Air-Conditioning Service

Unable to achieve a comfortable temperature or de-fog your windscreen? Your car may need an air conditioning service. Regardless of mileage, it is suggested your vehicle has an air conditioning service every 2 years to ensure it is working to optimum performance.

Did you know?

  • Your Air Conditioning requires regassing every 2 years as 10-15% is used before it’s even turned on.
  • Having your Air Conditioning re-gassed decontaminates your system, removes any bacteria that could potentially filter back through and be released into your car.
  • You should maintain your Air Conditioning even in the colder months as it helps demist your windows quicker.
  • A clean Air Conditioning system reduces emissions as dirty or damaged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine affecting the cars air fuel balance.
  • Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency improving acceleration.
  • Not regassing your Air Conditioning will leave it less efficient and less effective when you want to cool down or demist your windows.
During your Air Conditioning Service, we will check for any leaks in the system to ensure the system is maintaining as much gas as possible.

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Summer Driving Checklist

We often don’t take the correct precautions when driving to deal with Summer changes such as more daylight, more traffic on the road or fluctuating temperature. Not only that, but many people take longer journeys in the Summer months, especially when enjoying a staycation.

Consider our advice and take your time to ensure you are travel-ready:
  • Top up your screen wash and check functioning before setting off.
  • Should you not have Sat Nav, be aware of alternative routes you could take due to traffic or diversions.
  • Ensure you have plenty of fuel in the tank to compensate for any required detours.
  • Check your engine oil, sufficient oil helps regulate the temperature of your engine on long journeys.
  • Ensure your brake pads have sufficient depth. This can be checked as part of a complimentary vehicle health check by our Technicians.
  • Ensure you have sufficient tyre tread and they are correctly inflated as the changing temperatures can increase pressure.
  • Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If they squeak when they wipe, they are likely to need replacing.
  • Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front to compensate for any sudden braking ahead due to heavier pedestrian traffic.
  • Just in case any unexpected situations arise, keep a pack of essentials such as screen wash top-up, top-up oil, phone charger, Spare tyre/tyre sealant and AdBlue.

If you would like us to help you with any of the above, please feel welcome to contact us and ask about our vehicle health check appointments.


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