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MINIs are designed for fun but the British weather is usually anything but.  Winter driving can make being on the road a toil rather than a pleasure, so it’s even more important to be safe and sound.  The right accessories and the proper checks will ensure that your MINI can withstand harsher journeys and whatever the British weather has in store for you. 
Our six Lloyd MINI centres across the North of England all offer specialist advice and support for every season of the year. Located in some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park, Lloyd MINI has centres in Blackpool, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Colne, Newcastle and the South Lakes. So take your time and consider our winter driving tips on the road this season:

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Top Ten Winter Driving Tips

  1. Prepare your vehicle, top up your screenwash, de-frost all windows before setting off
  2. Know your journey and should you not have Sat Nav, be aware of alternative routes you could take
  3. Ensure you have plenty of fuel in the tank to compensate for any required detours
  4. Use dipped headlamps in snowy, wet weather
  5. Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front to compensate longer stopping distances
  6. Take your time when accelerating/decelerating to avoid skidding
  7. Know your brakes, ensure your brake pads have sufficient depth. This can be checked on a free vehicle health check by our technicians.*
  8. Ensure you have sufficient tyre tread and they are correctly inflated
  9. Invest in a set of Winter Wheels and Tyres
  10. Keep a pack of essentials, just in case: Screen wash top-up, Top-up oil, Deicer, Ice Scraper, Phone charger, Spare tyre/tyre sealant

*Advance booking required.

Vehicle Health Check

Don't get left out in the cold this season, at Lloyd we carry out a vehicle health check on your MINI each time you visit, to ensure that your car is in optimum condition to battle the elements. To give you the reassurance that they will keep working throughout the winter months, our MINI-trained technicians can carry out a video health check, identifying any elements which may need attention.

Tyre Safety Check

Tyres are obviously essential in keeping you safe as the only contact with the road, so make sure they are performing at their best with our complimentary tyre safety check.  Included in your tyre safety check you will receive:

  • Complimentary Vehicle Health Check including Video Report
  • Complimentary Wash and Vacuum
  • Complimentary Quality Enhancements where applicable
  • MINI Technicians trained to the latest manufacturer standards

Not only that, should you need a tyre replacement, our price-match guarantee means that you can be assured that you’re getting the best value for money. We offer this for all makes and models so you can make the most of our complimentary facilities in our MINI Centres while you wait for the tyre check to be completed.


Winter Tyres

As a MINI driver, you are a true original. And this individuality MINI Winter Wheels, MINI Winter Tyres, MINI Winterdoesn’t stop when the winter comes. When rain, ice and snow are around, the important thing is outstanding safety combined with pure driving pleasure. No other piece of equipment has such a great influence on handling and safety as wheels and tyres. At temperatures below 7 °C, MINI Genuine Winter Tyres already show clear advantages compared to summer tyres.

They are perfectly matched to your MINI model and give you not only grip but, with their new designs, also your own unmistakable style on the road.
CLICK HERE to find your nearest Lloyd MINI for more information. 

Winter Tyres from only £960 - available on 0% finance*

Give yourself enhanced grip as well as peace of mind during the colder months with a set ofDelivery-mileage-MINIs-Offers MINI Winter Wheels and Tyres.

When the temperature drops summer tyres no longer perform at their best. The rubber compounds get hard, resulting in a reduction of adhesion and handling. That is why 7°C is the signal for winter tyres. Only the special rubber compounds of winter tyres withstand the cold in order to maintain grip and guarantee a short braking distance. Make a timely change – and make the difference between a critical situation and a collision. As well as being safer, Winter Tyres also wear more efficiently than standard tyres in low temperatures saving future costs.

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*Terms and conditions apply, please contact your nearest retailer for more information. 

At all our MINI Centres we are here to help you make the most of your MINI throughout the year, whatever the weather.


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