CB1000R Black Edition

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Step out of the shadows, to the ultimate in stealth style.

While the CB1000R is a motorcycle hewn into purposeful beauty, the CB1000R Black Edition goes further. Much further. It has been designed, not by bright light but in shadow, crafted for the purest thrill. And defined by darkness. Look at it. Your eyes have to adjust, at first glance; apart from a few machined aluminium details, everything on show is deep black. Or blacker still. Loaded with choice accessories, it rides under any radar and stands way, way out as it does.


Now is not time to hold back.

This should not be a rational moment. Why should it be? It’s an instinct. No, more than that. An overwhelming sense. From nowhere, out of the furthest shadows now that you’ve seen it, you know you have to have it. Wrapped in the richest, blackest finish possible you’ve arrived, magnetically drawn and heart thumping, eyes wide with desire, in a very select space. We call it the CB1000R Black Edition.

Special Features

Jet-black exhaust

Tuned for high performance, and sound, the 4-2-1 exhaust system also wears a jet-black coating. It couldn't be anything else.


Three-level quick shifter

The adjustable quick shifter allows instant, full-throttle, clutch-less upshifts and also aids downshifts. The sensitivity of shifting load can be adjusted between soft, medium and hard.


It's all about detail

The engineer's work on the aluminium upper handlebar clamp matches the intricate machining on wheels, engine and swingarm pivot plates.


Machined highlights

Both black front and rear cast aluminium wheels feature machined spoke highlights for a hand-crafted, full-custom look.


All-black front suspension

High-quality, adjustable Showa SFF-BP USD forks are identical to the Cb1000R's except for one important aspect: every single detail is finished in black.


Deep finish

While the standard Cb1000R's curvaceous aluminium subframe wears a natural finish, the Black Edition's, of course, s black, along with dark-anodised radiator shrouds and airbox covers.


Fly screen

A perfect fit above the headlight bezel, the anodised black finish of the instrument fly screen adds style and practicality with some wind deflection.


Detachable seat cowl

Further underlining the compact minimalism of the CB1000R Black Edition, the Graphite Black pillion seat cowl lots into place when riding solo.


5-inch TFT screen with Honda Smartphone Voice Control system

For easy management of navigation, calls, messages and music while you're riding (available with Android devices only).

Customer Feedback

Staff is great here they have so much knowledge on motorbikes the shop is great upstairs and they have a good parts section They are currently going through a expansion which is exciting

James Ruddick - Lloyd Carlisle Honda Motorcycles

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