Kia e-Niro

Starting from £30,345

Discover a world of smart convenience and amazing sensations. The Kia e-Niro gives you instant acceleration, easy charging and long-range driving. All in the comfort of a spacious, stylish and extremely quiet cabin. And all of this with zero emissions. Sustainable driving has never felt so good.

Moving to an all-electric car is not as difficult as you might fear, plus you could save thousands thanks to Government grants, significant fuel savings and hugely reduced repair and maintenance costs.  
The financial benefits of going electric keep adding up.
Plug-in Car Grant
The Plug-in Car Grant takes £3,000 off the price of any new electric car that costs less than £50,000 – so the grant is applicable to Kia’s fully electric e-Niro and All-New Soul EV. Lloyd Kia can apply for the grant on your behalf and the amount will be removed from the list price.
ZERO VED (Vehicle Excise Duty)
Across the UK, Kia e-Niro is exempt from the regular £150 VED, commonly referred to as a road tax, and any emissions-based charges. In many cities, it is also permitted to use vehicle lanes and parking spaces where other vehicle access is restricted.
First-Year Allowances (Business benefit)
The First Year Allowances (FYAs) for low CO2 cars have been extended to April 2025. For 2020-2021 the threshold for FYAs remains at 50g/km, which means our fully electric models – All-New Soul EV and e-Niro – are eligible to be fully deducted from your profits before tax. 

From 2021, the threshold will be lowered to 0g/km for FYA, so our fully electric cars will still be eligible for a full deduction. 
BIK Tax (Business benefit)
Fully electric cars incur 0% BIK charges in 2020-2021, 1% in 2021-2022 and 2% in 2022-2023. The rate will be frozen at 2022-2023 levels for a further two years – that could lead to savings of several thousands of pounds over a three-year cycle for an electric vehicle vs. a petrol or diesel equivalent.
Lower Maintenance Costs
Petrol and diesel engines are incredibly complex and have hundreds of components that can wear, fail and need replacing. Electric cars on the other hand have just three main components and far fewer moving parts than a combustion engine. That means servicing and maintenance is simpler and cheaper, which saves you money.


Rewriting The Rulebook On Electric Driving

Powerful acceleration. A generous equipment list. Impressive range. It’s little wonder the Kia e-Niro is WhatCar?’s Car of the Year 2019. The e-Niro’s revolutionary powertrain means that you can benefit from an impressive emission-free range of 180 miles with the e-Niro '2' and a fantastic 282 miles with the e-Niro '3' and '4'. 

Energy is stored in a large battery, which drives a powerful electric motor. To charge it, simply plug it into a home chargepoint, or a public charger when you’re out and about, and the car will take care of the rest. Plug it in at home, and you wake up every morning with a ‘full tank’*. The car then drives on battery power alone, there is no need to add petrol or diesel. It can even add charge to the battery while you are driving by recovering energy that would normally be lost, for example, through kinetic energy when braking.

Space is a luxury everyone can enjoy in the New Kia e-Niro, where you can pack the boot with 451 litres of cargo. The rear seats fold flat with a 60:40 split, making room for 1,405 litres. 

Handling is impressive on the All-New Kia Niro because the batteries are in the floor, meaning it has a low centre of gravity, which helps minimise body roll while making the car feel planted, providing a fun, dynamic drive. The All-New e-Niro even has a sport mode as well as an efficient eco mode.

Cheap To Run and Zero Emissions

Luckily, being kind to the environment is also good for your wallet – electricity is much cheaper than petrol or diesel, so your journey may cost less than a third of what it would in a combustion-engined car. And that’s before you take into account the fact that battery-electric vehicles can also travel in the UK’s new and upcoming Clean Air Zones for free. 

Electric cars are incredibly quiet inside, making for a relaxing atmosphere. Driving is easy, too, because electric motors produce maximum torque at all revs, so acceleration is instant. There are no exhaust emissions from the tailpipe either as the New Kia e-Niro doesn’t even have a tailpipe. This is particularly helpful for improving air quality in urban areas.

For more information on the New e-Niro, read our review HERE 

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*Based on charging using a 7kW charger.

e-Niro '2'

From £29,595 (after PiCG deduction)*new, kia, e, niro, first, edition
Key features:
180 Miles Electric Range
8" Touchscreen Display + Radio + DAB
Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay**
17" Alloy Wheels
Reversing Camera System
Rear Parking Sensors
Smart Cruise Control w/ Stop & Go
Smart Key & Button Start
Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
7" Supervision Cluster with TFT Colour Display

e-Niro '3'

From £33,850 (after PiCG deduction)*new, kia, e, niro, first, edition
Key features:
282 Miles Electric Range
10.25" Touchscreen Satellite Navigation with European Mapping
Telematics System with UVO Connect Services**
Black Leather Upholstery
Heated Front Seats
Wireless Phone Charger
Smart Key & Button Start
Reversing Camera System
Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
Power Driver's Seat Adjustment

e-Niro '4'

From £37,995 (after PiCG deduction)*new, kia, e, niro, first, edition
Key features:
NEW: 11kW Charger (3-Phase)
NEW: LED Headlights with Bi-Function Projection
NEW: Telematics System with UVO Connect Services**
NEW: Front and Rear Parking Sensors
282 Miles Electric Range
10.25" Touchscreen Satellite Navigation with European Mapping
8-speaker JBL® Premium Sound System
Heated Front & Outer Rear Seats
Ventilated Seats
Blind Spot Detection (BSD) with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)

* PiCG - Plug-in Car Grant (£3,000 deduction from the original OTR price)
** Please check with your dealer for mobile phone compatibility

Special Features

Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

kia, e, niro, new, electric, cruise, control

Smart Cruise Control uses the car's radar to regulate both the speed and the distance to the can in front. If the vehicle ahead speeds up, you New Kia e-Niro accelerates to the set speed. If it slows down, your car slows, maintaining the safety distance.

Smart Regenerative Braking

kia, e, niro, new, electric, eniro, regenerative, braking

Smart regenerative braking helps to save energy, recharge the battery and lets you enjoy effortless one-pedal driving. You can set four levels of regenerative braking and use the kinetic energy to recharge your battery.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

kia, e, niro, electric, new, fca

FCA with pedestrian/cyclist protection give you warning signals and automatically brakes if you don't react when it detects any risk of collision. A radar and a camera detect potential dangers in the car's path, including pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Electronic Parking Brake

kia, new, e, niro, electric, parking, brake

The electronic parking brake is easy and convenient - just press the button to activate the parking brake. To release the brake, simply start the car.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

kia, new, e, niro, electric, lane, following, assist

Driving in traffic jams just got easier and safer: LFA is an advanced driving system that adjusts your car's acceleration, braking and steering to the vehicle in front. It even starts automatically if the car ahead moves within three seconds of stopping.

Wireless Phone Charger*

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Low battery? With the wireless phone charger, you can place your smartphone on the dedicated tray in the centre console and it will charge while you are focusing on the road ahead. No cables or connections to deal with! 

*Dependable on smartphone compatibility.

Customer Feedback

Professional, helpful and friendly service. Have a good COVID19 system in place.

John Howl - Lloyd Carlisle Kia

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