Introducing the most extreme performance Jaguar ever - Project 8

Date posted: 22 February 2018

Car Launch

News Project 8 headline front
Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) revealed the most powerful, agile and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 – the 200mph, 600PS XE SV Project 8 sedan.

This is the second Collector’s Edition by SVO. Following the successful F-TYPE Project 7 of 2014, Project 8 is a hand-built, four-door sedan with supercar performance. It is designed to thrill driving enthusiasts with an extraordinary combination of explosive power, dynamic agility and all-wheel-drive traction.

Since the XE SV Project 8 was revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017, it has achieved worldwide recognition. The supercar-performance four-door saloon has beaten world-class opposition to win the second annual Michelin Supercar Paddock Showstopper Trophy.

News Project 8 alloy wheels
The XE SV Project 8 didn’t stop there. On 29 September 2017, it smashed the Nürburgring fastest lap for a production four-door saloon. The incredible time of 7 minutes 21.23 seconds by racing driver Vincent Radermecker is nearly 11 seconds quicker than the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio around the legendary 12.9-mile German circuit and puts the XE SV Project 8 ahead of some of the world’s fastest two-door coupes and supercars.

High performance isn't just about power. It's also about weight. Or rather, lack of it. Jaguar is an aluminium innovator and Project 8's strong, stiff body is made from 75 per cent aluminium, which is lighter than steel as well as more durable. Our racing Jaguar D-TYPE of the 1950s pioneered lightweight aluminium monocoque construction. Our road cars are global leaders in aluminium architectures. Further to save weight, Project 8's unique Carbon Fibre bonnet shaves 3kg and there are further savings from the Carbon Fibre front and rear bumpers, fenders and side skirts. Carbon ceramic brakes save 18kg – and improve high-speed braking, an essential quality in a car this fast.

The new magnesium-framed Performance or optional Carbon Fibre racing seats are designed to grip you tight, so you're 'at one' with the car when driving hard. The car becomes an extension of you. You feel in perfect control, always in charge, at ease with the most extreme Jaguar saloon ever. The high-definition digital TFT instrument display gives you the important information, at a glance. Gearshifts are by paddles, mounted behind the 3-spoke Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel or using a Carbon Fibre trimmed Pistolshift selector, a feature inspired by fighter jets and unique to this model in the XE range.

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In Project 8, connectivity is mostly about the conjunction between you and the road. But for connecting to the Internet, Navigation and car-specific apps, Jaguar InControl Touch Pro ensures a seamless in (and out of) car experience. Audio is by Meridian™, one of the finest in the car industry, and specially engineered by the British specialists. That's assuming you never tire of the V8's own soundtrack.

News Project 8 headline seats
There are two distinct derivatives of Project 8: a two-seat track-oriented version, and a road-biased four-seater. For those who will use their car almost exclusively on the road, there are four seats trimmed in Ebony leather with Oyster contrast stitching. The front pair are special lightweight magnesium-framed Performance seats. For the racetrack, two Carbon Fibre racing seats are offered, fitted with four-point competition harnesses. A multi-point harness retention hoop replaces the rear seats.

News Project 8 headline colour options 
Project 8 comes in a choice of eight distinctive colours, all painted at SVO Technical Centre's state-of-the-art paint facility, which is right next door to where your car will be hand assembled.

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