Jaguar presents the All-New E-PACE

Date posted: 14 July 2017

Car Launch


The Jaguar E-PACE is a seriously smart compact SUV. Designed and engineered to be beautiful, fun and clever, it will introduce new fans to the brand. Instantly recognisable as a Jaguar, its undeniable sporting silhouette shrouds an interior that’s been detailed to the tiniest degree, meaning the E-PACE not only looks beautiful but is practical and connected too. 

Everything Jaguar has created with its award-winning range of saloons and sports cars and, of course, its World Car of the Year F-PACE SUV, has benefitted the E-PACE. It’s a compact performance SUV featuring an all-wheel-drive system that is packed with technology designed to ensure the joy of driving a Jaguar whatever the conditions.

Inside, the E-PACE ensures you remain connected wherever life takes you. Using the very latest hardware and software developed in Jaguar’s digital laboratories, it connects to your life and your devices, allowing seamless access to networks and data. 

In short it’s a perfectly 21st century car: connected, modern and practical, and utterly engaging to drive. It’s beautiful to look at, fun to get to know and possessing a soul and integrity that can only come from Jaguar.



Just exactly what gives an object a certain edge can be hard to define. A stance? A swagger? A certain playfulness? Maybe something familiar, something in its silhouette, something hard to discern but which nonetheless stirs memories of a glorious bloodline?

The answer is most likely all of the above, only bound together by a certain confidence. The E-PACE is the fourth, all-new Jaguar in as many years and the most potent expression yet of rediscovered Jaguar relevance in the 21st century.

“Oh, it’s got an attitude to it all right!” says Design Director Ian Callum of the new E-PACE, the most playful car in Jaguar’s 81-year history, in many ways its most bold yet. “That’s exactly how I wanted it; a balance of masculinity and femininity; not too genteel and certainly sensuous; muscular and curvaceous at the same time. That perfect Jaguar balance.” E-PACE brings an uncommon sense of expressiveness to the compact SUV market. Put simply, it is a much more evolved design; simultaneously more clever and more beautiful than is typical in the segment.


“It’s important especially in a smaller car that aspires to a sense of heritage, and a heritage of performance, that it should have that certain attitude,” says Callum. “In some ways the E-PACE is more like an F-TYPE than an F-PACE. Look at the haunches, front and rear, and the way the lines they make intersect, for example. Look at the profile of the roof in silhouette and the way it floats off the back. Look at the headlamps!”

It is testament to the clarity of Jaguar’s contemporary design language that it so easily and effectively translates to a compact SUV.

The essential energy of the fast-growing segment however has brought its own influences to bear and E-PACE introduces some new, evolved elements of that essential language, including a new ‘chicane’ light graphic inspired by the rush of seeing a racing car swoop left-right-right-left through a series of corners on a track.

And that essential exuberance and promise of dynamism is right here in E-PACE’s short overhangs and long wheelbase, which themselves promise an unusual degree of comfort and practicality inside. 

There is luxury too. Again with an eye on the sports car range, the inside of Jaguar’s new cub offers a sense of command and control; dominant of the road, in touch with the car and spoiled with a quality of design and execution not seen before in this segment. Mixing premium leathers and technical surfaces picked up by effervescent, contrast stitching and sophisticated – and personalisable – interior lighting, E-PACE takes that unique Jaguar feeling to places it’s never been before.



Body-hugging sports seats with contrasting stitching enhance the E-PACE’s sporty streak, while soft grain Windsor leather brings out its distinctive side.


The E-PACE is a practical Jaguar with a playful twist. Throughout the interior you will find details inspired by the Jaguar design team’s favourite objects or experiences. These small but beautiful details have been created to reflect the individual character and personality of the E-PACE, and like many premium products, they demonstrate an unwavering attention to detail.

From the tiny Jaguar and cub on the windscreen to the ever-so-subtle Jaguar print on the stowage mat, these hidden details are designed to put a smile on your face, once you notice them of course!


If it looks like a Jaguar, it should drive like a Jaguar. The E-PACE won’t disappoint anyone here – it’s  a Jaguar to its very core.Riding on an architecture and technology developed specially for a car of its size, proportion and purpose, its Integral Link rear suspension is shared with Jaguar’s range of award-winning, ‘great-to-ride-in-even-better-to-drive’ saloon cars and F-PACE, reworked only to make it more compact still. That means more space inside and more space for the wheels to travel outside. The E-PACE is a compact SUV in more than just name.

E-PACE-18MY-infographicsAll-wheel-drive E-PACE models come with a choice of Jaguar’s new Active Driveline AWD system allowing them to be driven like any rear-wheel-drive Jaguar. So power-on oversteer and controlled drifts then. And Active Driveline isn’t just there for play. In steady driving it disengages, meaning drive is supplied to the front wheels only, eradicating friction losses and boosting fuel efficiency. Re-coupling occurs in just 300 milliseconds. 


Adaptive Dynamics is capable of adjusting the E-PACE’s damper settings every 10 milliseconds, reducing body roll and immediately prepping the vehicle for poor or no-road use as soon as a change in conditions is detected. 

Jaguar Land Rover’s highly-automated All Surface Progress Control – effectively launch and cruise control for less-than-ideal surfaces – is also available, as is brake-activated torque vectoring helping to maximise grip off-road and enhance stability in fast cornering when you’re back on the highway. 

And E-PACE never feels anything other than wide awake in its driver’s hands thanks in part to its unique-to-Jaguar structure, mixing high-strength steel durability with lightweight aluminium and composites.

The most compact car Jaguar has built yet, E-PACE has not been spared in a two-year development programme where its dynamic pre-eminence on-road has been established at a series of punishing locations such as the Nurbürgring and Nardò.

Its off-road credentials have been tested to the limit too, both in the frozen landscapes of the Arctic and the thin air of some of China’s most remote and highest regions.


You expect a Jaguar to have exceptional looks, drive and technology. The E-PACE is no different, a direct beneficiary of Jaguar Land Rover’s unprecedented investment in digital technology. Powered by quad-core processors and networked using ultra-fast wireless and ethernet cable connections, the E-PACE is humming with clever thinking.
E-2017-Q3-Jaguar-E-PACE-Interior-1250-837The E-PACE has a range of up to three new visual interfaces. Most dominant is the new 10-inch Touch Pro tablet, which allows you to touch, pinch, zoom and scroll through all your contacts, music, vehicle and navigation options. Meanwhile non-traditionalists can opt to have their analogue instruments replaced with a digital screen – a 12.3-inch, fully-configurable TFT panel. The third option is Jaguar’s most advanced Head-Up Display, a TFT-powered, LED-illuminated, full-colour widescreen system capable of displaying more information with greater clarity directly in the driver’s line of sight.

And the latest release of Touch Pro means there’s a mass of real-time, location-driven information being sifted at any one time to ease the E-PACE and its driver through their daily commute (which, incidentally, is a feature of your life the E-PACE learns for itself). Or indeed a more ambitious journey, something you can of course plan ‘offline’ via your InControl smartphone app, which also facilitates remote vehicle status checks and locking, as well as journey history.

Of course, passengers are not ignored in the connected world of the E-PACE. There are USB connectors for all five occupants and further 12-volt charging points in the front, the centre console and even the boot. 

There are two USB points in the central cubby box, which means you can connect a phone or tablet to control the car’s 1280x542 pixel screen and optional Meridian premium sound system (including a 825-watt surround sound option) for your own, personal performance.
E-PACE-18MY-2017-Q3-infographicsAnd Jaguar’s smarts don’t just make the E-PACE better connected. It makes it more helpful and safer too, with a range of options including Blind Spot Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking powered respectively by rear- and forward-looking cameras that will trigger steering or brake interventions to keep you out of harm’s way. The same systems power the E-PACE’s optional Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist to keep you a safe distance from the vehicle in front and Park Assist that takes over the steering function entirely in tight parking manoeuvres.

There was, of course, no point in creating the Jaguar of the compact SUV class – better looking, better to drive, better connected – if the team involved didn’t simultaneously re-address the vehicle’s reason-to-be – providing a practical, versatile platform for busy, colourful, always-on lives.

The process starts with the fundamentals. From wheel-centre to wheel-centre the E-PACE measures 2,681mm, a fact that, in combination with the compact Integral Link rear suspension, means passengers in the rear will get a real sense of light and space, with more rear legroom than some larger SUVs.

So, Jaguar started with a bigger, better space and then the designers started thinking about how to make it work for families and individuals who don’t sit at home. There is, for example, a cavernous 8.4-litre central stowage compartment between the front seats that will swallow two, one-litre water bottles with space left over for smartphones and tablets-on-charge, both of which have their own places to live. There’s even a net under the lid of the compartment for smaller items.
E-2017-Q3-Jaguar-E-PACE-Interior-gearboxAnd it doesn’t stop there. There’s another 10 litres of space in the glovebox and almost the same in the two front door bins. In the boot there’s 577 litres of luggage space, or the equivalent of six carry-on cases. That’s with the rear seats in place.

Fold them and the space more than triples to 1,234 litres. Fold the narrower of the 40:60 split seats and there’s room for 1.6-metre-long objects as well as two passengers.


Both the E-PACE and E-PACE R-Dynamic are available with S, SE and HSE specification packs and a choice of five powertrains, including three diesel and two petrol Ingenium engines. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium diesel powerplant is available in 150PS, 180PS and 240PS outputs, while the pair of 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol turbo units deliver 249PS or 300PS.

High levels of standard equipment are a core component of the E-PACE range. Convenience features such as Touch Pro infotainment and All-Surface Progress Control are joined by safety kit including Driver Condition Monitoring, Autonomous Emergency Braking and LED headlights with signature DRL.

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