Lloyd Volvo through to the VISTA National Final, with sights set on Global Final in Sweden.

Date posted: 6 February 2018

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VISTA is a story of service and of the heroes behind the tools that help preserve a car’s value. Following World War II cars became accessible to the many and with that came a greater need for their maintenance, however, it was an unspoken rule that workshops should know how to fix things without having to look it up in a manual.

As a result, Volvo identified the need to raise the standards in the workshops and, in 1970, established the Volvo International Service Technical Award, VISTA for short.

The VISTA’s is a biannual customer service training competition; bringing together Volvo service technicians from all over the world to excel in their profession. Introducing a competition to improve service quality and motivate technicians to go above and beyond in their job roles. Training is disguised as a competition – focusing on teamwork and workshop efficiency as a means of achieving customer satisfaction.

In 2018, the stage was set again for the VISTAs and Lloyd Volvo Cars of Carlisle assembled their team. The team, of David Smith (Aftersales Manager), Neil Hetherington (Parts Manager) and Colin Rowntree (Master Technician), through to the Regional Finals, began preparing and carrying out ‘missions’ on their VISTA mobile app to earn bonus points ahead of the competition.

On Thursday 25th January, the Lloyd Volvo team - one man down after David Smith unfortunately could not make it – headed to Edinburgh for the Regional Finals.

Up against tough competition and one man down, Neil and Colin had a very successful competition - coming out second and ranking as the top runner up in the country with a score which would have seen them in first place in many regions, qualifying for the National Final.

The Lloyd Volvo team will next head to Daventry at the end of March for the National Final. The winners of this will then fly to Sweden for the prestigious Global Final.

Well done and good luck ro the team in the National Final!


Neil Hetherington (Parts Manager), Colin Rowntree (Master Technician) and David Smith (Aftersales Manager)

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