MINI's first ever Plug-In Hybrid has arrived

Date posted: 26 June 2017

Car Launch


Characteristic MINI driving fun is now available in fascinating, sustainable form. Enter the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4, the first model of the British premium brand in which a plug-in hybrid drive provides the option of mobility that is purely electric and therefore emissions-free.

The job of providing efficient forward propulsion is shared between a 3-cylinder petrol engine and a synchronous electric motor. Together they produce a system output of 165 kW/224 hp. Equally impressive is the average fuel consumption of 2.3 - 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres and the CO2 emissions figure of 52 - 49 grams per kilometre (EU test cycle figures for plug-in hybrid vehicles). With this in mind, the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is ideal for those living in the city who wish to enjoy the benefits of purely electric mobility when commuting between home and work every day, while at the same time benefiting from unlimited long-distance suitability at the weekend.


The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 combines the variable space concept of the new model generation’s largest member with the sustainability of BMW Group eDrive technology and an electrified all-wheel drive system. The front wheels are powered by the combustion engine, the rear wheels by the electric motor. The car itself is able to run on electricity alone at a top speed of 125 km/h and with a range of up to 42 kilometres. Drawing on the power of both drive forms, it offers driving fun away from surfaced roads too. “The plug-in hybrid concept perfectly matches the new MINI Countryman because it offers intelligent all-wheel drive as well as being able to run on electricity alone, both in urban areas and over longer distances too.” says Uwe Seitz, MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 project manager.

The lithium-ion battery is positioned directly in front of the electric motor underneath the rear seat. It is made up of five modules, each comprising 16 battery cells. The high-voltage battery has a capacity of 7.6 kWh. At a wall box with a charging capacity of 3.6 kW it can be fully charged in 2:30 hours. Charging at a regular household socket takes 3:15 hours.

The driver can also use the eDrive toggle switch to choose between three operating modes. In the standard setting AUTO eDRIVE, the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 runs on electrical power only up to a speed of 80 km/h. At higher speeds and in the case of very intensive loads, the combustion engine is automatically enabled in addition. In MAX eDRIVE mode the vehicle is powered by the electric motor alone at speeds up to 125 km/h. The SAVE BATTERY mode can be selected so as to relieve the capacity of the high-voltage battery, or raise its charge state to at least 90 per cent so that sufficient electrical power remains for locally emissions-free driving later on.

Discreet but equally unmistakable indications of the pioneering character of the car’s drive form are provided by the model-specific design features on the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 exterior. The connection for the charging cable is under a flap in the area of the left-hand side scuttle. Other features are the model-specific “e” badge on the side scuttles and also a yellow “S” in the model inscription on the rear as well as on the radiator grille and door sill finishers.

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