Rock FM rock a BMW X1 from Lloyd Blackpool

Date posted: 4 August 2017

Company News

Lloyd Blackpool are proud to sponsor Rock FMs much-loved Breakfast show, presented by the fabulous Steve & Janine Marsh. 

This particular radio duo are unique in the fact that they are also married - a local radio first! The pair, who have a one-year-old son, Leo, are local to the North West, as Steve grew up in Wigan and Janine was brought up in Blackpool.

Steve said: “We’re very excited and slightly nervous about being the first married couple on Rock FM. If we can achieve a fraction of the success of couples like Richard and Judy or Eamonn and Ruth we’ll be chuffed. We argue, as like most couples we do it all the time anyway, so we thought - why not get paid for it."

... and enjoy a car out of it too! So that said, we are pleased to hand over the keys to this stunning BMW X1 ... we wonder who will win the argument about who gets to drive it!

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