Top Tips for Motoring this Season

Date posted: 5 October 2017

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Our Top Tips for Motoring this Season

Cosy fires, bright frosty mornings, snow days – just a few of the things this autumn/ winter season that we have to get excited about and look forward too!

However, driving in these months also presents motorists with more challenging road conditions. Whether it’s the darker, shorter days, coupled with the increased chance of ice and snow, or the clear and sunny winter days with a strong blinding glare - the risks increase for all road users.

To help keep all of our Lloyd customers safe this season – we’ve popped below our Top Tips for Motoring in the coming months – from tyres to lights, we’ve got you covered!

Establish The Grip On Your Brakes

Road conditions can alter quickly in winter. So, if you get into a spin due to an icy road, apply your car’s brakes with mild pressure to establish the available grip and adjust your driving where necessary.


When Icy, Keep Your Gears High

68% of UK motorists* think the best way to drive on icy and snowy roads is in the lowest gear, when in fact using the highest possible gear is the safest option. Unbelievably, 5%* think driving in neutral is the most suitable gear to use in the snow.
*Information sourced from a survey conducted by Euro Car Parts

Know which Lights To Use

When there is heavy snow, the best lighting to use is your dipped beams – most people believe that switching to fog lights is best but this is actually dangerous to other motorists in non-foggy conditions.

Avoid Cruise Control 

Avoid cruise control in icy, wet or snowy weather – it’s best that you keep control of your acceleration and deceleration always!

Keep your Tyres in Optimum Condition

Keeping your tyres at optimum pressure, making sure your tread depth is above the minimum legal level and making sure that they are generally free of wear and tear is important at all times of the year but even more so when the roads are more treacherous!
Poorly inflated tyres not only compromise your ability to brake and move safely, but they also use up more fuel and wear out more quickly. Information on your vehicle’s tyre pressures can be found on the inside of the door pillars, in the car’s manual or inside your fuel filler flap.
 The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Pop a 20p coin into the tread of the tyre; if the border of the coin can be seen, it’s time to get some new tyres.
It’s good to check your tyres once a month and before any long journey – not only is it giving all your safety systems on your car the best chance of working to their greatest potential, it also means your tyres will last longer and your car will drink less fuel!


Last but not least, preparation is key!

To keep your peace of mind, take advantage of our Lloyd Winter Health Check for only £19.99 at all our locations as it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The Lloyd Winter Health Check includes a Vehicle Health Check, Tyre Condition Check, Lights and levels check, battery check, a complimentary top up of fluids plus your very own Lloyd Winter Kit (which includes ice scraper and de-icer).

Click here to contact your nearest dealership to book your Winter Health Check.

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