24 October 2022

How to get the most from your electric battery using the My BMW App.

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As the Government is aiming to stop production of combustion engines in the UK from 2035, Lloyd BMW has teamed up with destination marketing organisation Cumbria Tourism to bring you all the electric car information you need as we make the transition towards more sustainable sources of energy.

Driving across Cumbria in a BMW iX 40, provided by our expert team at Lloyd BMW, Cumbria Tourism have been speaking to businesses to highlight the benefits of going electric and growing the network of EV charging points in the county; So, whether you’re a tourist or a local, our aim is to show you how easy it is to travel and live in Cumbria with an EV – and help tackle some of the misconceptions around charging, battery reliability and range anxiety.

The first topic we will explore in our new blog series is how to ‘precondition’ your BMW using the My BMW App, a simple task that will allow your EV to operate at maximum efficiency, help prolong your battery and allow you a premium BMW driving experience.

You can download the BMW app from the Apple or Google Play store and use your vehicle chassis number to connect it to your BMW. Fantastic features of the app include staying up to date on the status of your vehicle at all times, remote lock and unlocking of the car, plan trips in advance, BMW news and direct access to your BMW service.
However, most importantly for electric BMW drivers, this handy app also comes with a feature that will allow you to set a timer to warm the battery and climatise your cabin; a process known as preconditioning.

Two of the biggest energy draws of any vehicle type is getting it to operating temperature and the heating system, one of the amazing features of an EV is both of these can happen before you even get into the car. Whilst the car is plugged into a charge point it will take energy from the power source and leave the battery at 100% capacity for the journey. This will allow your car to operate at maximum efficiency as your electric battery will ready to use when you drive away, it will also provide a premium driving experience during the winter months as your BMW will already be cosy and warm, ready for the 8am dash to work.

Other helpful features of the app for electric BMW drivers include displaying the locations of nearby car charging points, the range of the car and push notifications to let you know when your car is fully charged. We will be discussing this and more next week as our blog will be all about charging. To find out how Managing Director Gill and her team at Cumbria Tourism are getting on, follow our hashtag #ThePerfectPlaceToGoElectric across all socials and make sure to tune in for our new blog next week.

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