Volvo Seasonal Advice

Our Lloyd Volvo offers specialist advice and support for every season of the year. Located beside some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park, Lloyd Volvo has a centre in Carlisle covering Cumbria and Southern Scotland.

Enjoy your Volvo throughout the Year

With their Swedish origins, Volvos have been designed to handle whatever the weather. Britain’s unpredictable weather, however, can still pose a challenge, so we have a range of accessories and checks specifically designed to keep your Volvo running smoothly. 


Vehicle Health Check

Don't get caught out in the heat, at Lloyd we carry out a vehicle health check on your Volvo each time you visit, to ensure that your car is ready to take on the road. For your peace of mind, our Volvo-trained technicians can carry out a video health check, identifying any elements which may need attention


Hot days in the UK don't happen all to offer, so when they do, we all love to go out and enjoy it. But because they are scarce, we often don't take the correct precautions when driving to deal with it. Heat can have a huge impact on how your Volvo performs. So take your time and consider our summer checklist for the road this season:

  1. Prepare your vehicle, top up your screen wash and check functioning before setting off
  2. Know your journey and should you not have Sat Nav, be aware of alternative routes you could take due to traffic or diversions
  3. Ensure you have plenty of fuel in the tank to compensate for any required detours
  4. Check your engine oil, sufficient oil helps regulate the temperature of your engine on long journeys
  5. Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front to compensate for any sudden braking ahead
  6. Take your time when accelerating/decelerating to ensure maximum efficiency in the heat
  7. Know your brakes, ensure your brake pads have sufficient depth. This can be checked on a free vehicle health check by our technicians.*
  8. Ensure you have sufficient tyre tread and they are correctly inflated as heat can increase pressure
  9. Keep it cool. Long journeys can be uncomfortable in the heat. If you have not had an air conditioning service within the past two years, it will not be performing to its potential.  
  10. Keep a pack of essentials, just in case: Screen wash top-up, Top-up oil, Phone charger, Spare tyre/tyre sealant, AdBlue

*Advance booking required.

Travel Essentials

  • Screen wash top-up
  • Top-up oil
  • First aid kit
  • Phone charger
  • Spare tyre / tyre sealant
  • Jumpstart cables


Car Tyre Safety

Keeping your Volvo tyres properly maintained is essential to be safe on the more varied road surfaces.  Thanks to our complimentary tyre safety check we can identify any issues and, should you need to replace your tyres, our price-match guarantee and excellent tyre selection mean that you can be assured of quality tyres at a competitive price.  We welcome all makes and models for our checks so come and enjoy our welcoming facilities while you wait.

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Lovely service from Lloyd's Volvo. The lady can not do enough to help on service desk and they seem to have a well run team. I'm very impressed with Volvo.

Christine Wright - Lloyd Carlisle Volvo

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