Range Rover clients in the UK can now benefit from Land Rover Insurance. Read more about the policy, and security measures taken by Land Rover to improve your security and peace of mind.

Range Rover Insurance

Range Rover clients in the UK can now benefit from a new insurance solution through Land Rover Insurance for their new and used vehicle purchases1. These insurance policies from JLR have been developed to help alleviate recent challenges that some clients have faced when seeking Land Rover and Range Rover insurance2.

Land Rover Insurance will improve the buying and ownership experience for Range Rover clients. Eligible clients can obtain a quote online and manage their monthly subscription and policy cover in a flexible way, at any time. Live since October, it has already provided more than 4,000 clients with a JLR insurance solution, with an average monthly premium of less than £200.

This new insurance offering follows JLR’s £10 million investment in vehicle security to reduce keyless thefts in the UK. The latest JLR vehicles are proving highly resilient to this organised criminality, reflected in low theft rates: with only 0.07 per cent of Range Rover and 0.1 per cent of Range Rover Sport being affected2.

Land Rover Insurance

The fully comprehensive insurance is a monthly subscription policy designed for your Land Rover to give you total peace of mind, and total flexibility. It ensures any repairs are completed by a JLR authorised bodyshop, like our Lloyd Bodyshops, using only genuine Land Rover parts. The policy is completely flexible, with no deposits or interest charges, and clients are able to amend or cancel their cover with no fee. The price is also guaranteed for 12 months, for added assurance and peace of mind.

This is also available to clients looking to insure their Defender and Discovery vehicles, as well as Jaguar clients through Jaguar Insurance. JLR has also proactively shared with leading insurance providers its latest data – reflecting the robustness of security in new and older models – to help increase the amount of Range Rover car insurance options on the open market.

Range Rover Insurance

Available from Land Rover UK

Approved repairs

Repairs completed by a Land Rover Authorised Bodyshop performed by Land Rover trained technicians.


Genuine Parts

Repairs will be carried out using Genuine Land Rover Parts – keeping your Land Rover in the best condition.


Comprehensive Cover

JLR offer one of the highest levels of protection in the market with uninsured driver cover, UK accident recovery and more included as standard.


Fully Flexible

There’s no tie-in, no up-front deposits and no interest charges. You can cancel or make changes any time – this is a simple monthly subscription that works for life today.


Easy Access

Set up and manage your policy anytime, anywhere. It takes only a few taps and changes apply immediately – no waiting for paperwork or estimates or call centres.


No Hidden Fees

Make changes, renew, cancel all without charges and your price is guaranteed for 12 months – unless you need to make a change of course.


At Lloyd Land Rover

Some vehicles are now available with reduced lead times of 3-6 months. We also have a selection of vehicles available for immediate delivery.
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Land Rover and Range Rover Insurance Cover Summary

Land Rover and Range Rover Insurance Cover Summary

Included as Standard

  • Courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired by a Land Rover authorised bodyshop.
  • Uninsured driver cover, protecting your no claims bonus and policy excess if an accident was the fault of an uninsured driver.
  • Personal belongings cover up to £1,000 for items in your car, roof box or trailer.
  • Key cover up to £1,000 for replacement vehicle keys and locks.
  • If you’re injured in an accident, JLR pay up to £20,000 per person (max total £60,000) and medical expenses up to £500.
  • 24-hour UK recovery and onward travel if you’re involved in an accident.
  • Up to 90 days’ comprehensive cover when you visit the EU in any 12-month period.
  • Cover to replace or repair your damaged windscreen or glass.
  • Cover to replace child car seats if they are involved in an accident.
  • Cover up to £1,000 for your roof box or trailer.
Included for your Electric Land Rover

In addition to the above standard insurance features, you’ll also benefit from extended cover for your electric Land Rover:

  • Your battery is covered against accidental damage, fire and theft – even if you’re leasing it.

  • Your charging cables and wall boxes are covered for accidental damage, fire and theft, too.

  • You are covered should someone trip over the charging cable while your car is charging at home.

Optional Extra Cover
  • No claims bonus protection - Allows you to make one claim in a 12-month period without reducing your No Claims Bonus.

  • Legal expenses cover - Covers you for legal costs up to £100,000 when you’re in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault.

Key Eligibility

Drivers Vehicle
Age: 30-85 (including any additional drivers)
Maximum vehicle age: 25 years
Up to four additional drivers (spouse, partner, family member) Maximum vehicle value: £150,000
UK residents only Vehicle will be registered to your home address
Full/provisional UK or full EU licence Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP)
No more than three at-fault claims in the past five years Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting (SDP&C)
A maximum of three minor driving convictions in the past five years and no major convictions SDP&C including Business Use (Class 1)
Owned and registered by you, your spouse, partner or civil partner (not business partner), by your parent, guardian, grandparent or a lease company Vehicle not used for Hire and Reward
Policy must be taken out in an individual’s name (not a company/business)
Range Rover Security

Land Rover Security

As part of a suite of services to enhance the ownership experience for its clients, JLR have announced its £10 million investment in vehicle security to help tackle keyless thefts. This included an extensive rollout of security updates benefitting more than 70,000 older vehicles in the UK since the initiative began in 2022, ensuring the same levels of protection against theft as current, new models. This, along with dedicated collaboration with police and partners, is reducing thefts. 
The latest JLR vehicles are proving highly resilient to thefts: UK police data shows that since January 2022, only 9 of the 12,200 new Range Rovers on the road have been stolen (0.07 per cent), while only 13 of the 13,400 new Range Rover Sports on the road have been affected (0.1 per cent)3.

JLR’s Approach to Vehicle Security

JLR is committed to vehicle security and ensuring vehicles are protected and updated with the latest technology to prevent thefts. JLR has worked closely with automotive risk and intelligence company, Thatcham Research, for almost three decades to develop industry leading security systems. 

Vehicles manufactured from 2022 onwards are built on JLR’s most advanced electrical architecture, meaning they have the latest security features, which is reflected in low theft rates3.

The latest technology to prevent the Body Control Module (BCM) keyless theft method is being deployed to previous generation vehicles, including those out of warranty, ensuring the same levels of protection as current models. Criminals have previously hacked the keyless entry system enabling them to start the engine, but JLR’s updates contain embedded technology to prevent this. Since 2022, more than 70,000 eligible vehicles have been updated and theft rates continue to improve as updates are completed. 

Back in 2018, JLR was the first manufacturer to develop and rollout Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) protection to counter the ‘relay’ theft method, where criminals intercept signals between the vehicle and key to unlock the car. Vehicles are not vulnerable to this when equipped with UWB technology, mitigating the requirement to store keys in a faraday pouch. 

JLR always recommend clients use every available measure to protect their vehicle, including the Jaguar and Land Rover Remote apps (link). A connected service which JLR has made available so clients can access a suite of security features remotely, such as vehicle lock reminders and ‘Guardian Mode’, which monitors the vehicle and provides an alert if there is any unauthorised interaction.

Land Rover Security Myth Busters and Top Tips:

  • Less than 1 in a 1000 new Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Defender vehicles have been stolen since launch - and none have been stolen by keyless theft methods.

  • Since 2018, UWB key technology has provided a fix for ‘relay attacks’, meaning criminals cannot get into vehicles which carry this technology. No car with UWB has been stolen by keyless methods. Faraday pouches are not needed if UWB technology is in use.
  • In the case that a car is left unlocked and a thief gains access, new cars also have extra protection with a fix against key cloning (Body Control Module 'BCM' hack). It's doubly secure!
  • In the case of older cars that were built before criminals developed the BCM theft method, JLR are providing a free update of the BCM fix that they have developed for new cars. This is being deployed in a phased approach to cars from 2018 - 2022.
  • 'Keyless' is an umbrella term that covers multiple theft methods - it does not refer to remote locking - a common misconception. JLR do not advocate clients disable passive entry or remote locking convenience features - if they have UWB, their cars are protected from the relay attack, so they are not gaining any extra security benefits, instead just losing convenience features.
  • Deadlock your car by double clicking the key fob. Check the fob for graphics; the white graphics signify convenience features (single lock/unlock, boot opening), red graphics signify security features (hazard warning, deadlock).

Land Rover strongly advises the following security steps for clients: 

  • Always lock your car when leaving it unattended. 
  • Activate the alarm by pressing the lock button twice within a three-second interval. 
  • Use the InControl Remote app and switch on vehicle lock reminders and Guardian Mode for added security. 
  • Ensure the Secure Tracker/Secure Tracker Pro is activated.
  • Don’t leave keys where they can be easily taken, for example near a letterbox – but do not hide them. If thieves break into your home, it is far better for your safety that they do not confront you for your keys.

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JLR UK is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles, parts and accessories and alterations take place continually. Whilst every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this article should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications or availability, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle, part or accessory. All figures are manufacturer’s estimates.

All information is sourced by Land Rover Insurance, for more information please visit: https://insurance.landrover.co.uk/ 

1 Jaguar Insurance and Land Rover Insurance is available in the UK for clients of new and approved used vehicles, subject to eligibility criteria.  
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) latest figures show that higher costs have impacted the price of cover, with the average price paid for motor insurance up 29% over the last year (ABI Motor Insurance Premium Tracker, Q3 2023). 
3 Figure refers to Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models on the road in the UK from the beginning of 2022. All data accurate as of end of November.