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You can add many cars to your shortlist above and these will remain in your shortlist for upto 30 days so that when you revisit us you can easily find the cars you are interested in. You can also select upto 4 of these vehicles that you would like to compare against each other using the dropdown boxes provided, this is to help you compare a variety of factors.

Price: You will likely have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend on a car. This can help you narrow down your options based on budget and monthly payments.

Type of vehicle: You might be considering different types of car, such as a saloon, hatchback, SUV or sports car. Here you can easily compare a selection of models against one another.

Features and options: You may also want to think about what features and options you want in your car, such as engine power, mileage, manual or automatic, fuel type and key features. The vehicle headlines and car overviews will provide a lot of that information for you. To gain more information click into the vehicle detail page or contact your Lloyd dealership to book a test drive or an appointment.

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