Jaguar InControl Remote App

Remote App allows you to interact with your Jaguar from anywhere in the world.

Jaguar InControl Remote App

InControl is the intelligent technology sitting at the heart of your Jaguar, enabling convenient operation and reassuring security. In conjunction with the Jaguar Remote smartphone app, it allows interaction with your vehicle from anywhere.

Prepare for journeys by checking your fuel level and pre-setting the cabin to a comfortable temperature in advance. Enjoy the convenience of locking or unlocking doors and windows remotely, as well as viewing and finding your most recent parking location. And get information and advice about maintenance to keep your vehicle in optimum condition.
InControl also incorporates Secure Tracker, Jaguar’s sophisticated, insurer-accredited security and tracking technology. This offers instant notification through the InControl Remote app of any unauthorised interaction with or movement of your vehicle.
Every new Jaguar includes three years’ subscription to Remote, plus 12 month’s subscription to Secure Tracker.

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Remote App Features

Remote climate control

Prepare your Jaguar in advance by setting temperatures to keep you and all your passengers comfortable from the moment you step inside.

Vehicle status information

Check your current fuel level and range, door and window positions and locks. See the last parked location of the vehicle and find your way back to it with on-foot directions.

Vehicle maintenance alerts

View maintenance issues – such as low fluid levels – and get advice on how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Journey history

Automatically record your journey history, including your route and mileage statistics. This information can be exported by email in Excel format for expense reporting.

Remote Beep and Flash

Locate your Jaguar in a crowd by turning on its hazard lights, dipped headlights and an audible alert.

Remote lock and unlock

Lock or unlock your doors, arm the alarm, fold your wing mirrors, close windows, turn on dipped headlights and flash hazard lights – all with the click of a button.

Remote alarm reset

If your vehicle alarm goes off, an alert on your smartphone allows you to reset it in an instant.

Wake-up function

To conserve battery power, certain non-essential Remote features will shut down if you don’t drive your Jaguar for 4 days. Scheduling a Wake-Up will reactivate these features at a time of your choosing.

Terms and Conditions:
Certain features require an appropriate sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Requires current customer profile, consents and subscription. Subject to market mobile network, signal and customer account. Requires mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Customer reviews


Rating based on 5,288 verified reviews

Rating based on 5,288 verified reviews

One of the best customer service I ever had! Well done!
Łukasz Kaczyński
Carlisle Jaguar - September, 2023
Staff very informative, professional and friendly. Showroom immaculate, as you would expect of a Jaguar showroom.
Deb Ellis
York Jaguar - August, 2023
Good experience & service both for me & my car.
Grant Traynor
Carlisle Jaguar - August, 2023