Jaguar XE Saloon

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Due to the global shortage of semiconductors impacting all industries, the delivery of new Jaguar vehicles has been extended. If you are considering buying a new Jaguar in the next 6-12 months, contact us today to secure your build slot. 
To create a four-door saloon that is as fun to drive as a sports car is no mean feat. But the new, redefined XE comfortably meets that criteria. Inspired by F-TYPE – our high-performance car – it's packed with enhancements, innovations and technology. It rewrites the rules of how a compact saloon should behave, and it embodies everything Jaguar is famous for: stylish good looks, precision engineering and a palpable sense of excitement.

Jaguar XE features a new diesel range that is enhanced by mild-hybrid technology.


Even standing still, it looks fast

Like all Jaguars, XE instinctively manages to catch the eye. From its muscular stance and sculpted bonnet, to the new bumpers, front grille and LED headlights and tail lights, you can tell at a glance that this is one extraordinary sporting saloon.

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Welcome to XE world

Get behind the wheel of an XE and you feel like you're sat in a sports car. You'll find yourself comfortably cocooned by its wraparound dashboard. You'll note the soft grain leather steering wheel and form-hugging 14-way adjustable front seats*. You'll appreciate the impeccable attention to detail, and how everything is so pleasingly uncluttered and considerately functional.

A refreshed cockpit-style interior offers outstanding levels of comfort, and the raised centre console adds to its sportiness. Everything revolves around you and was conceived with you in mind, with the SportShift Selector, JaguarDrive Control and Touch Pro Duo** central to its seamless design. So, when you settle into that plush leather seat, you connect with the car straight away. Just reach for the pulsing start button – a more engaging driving experience awaits.

*18-way adjustable front seats are standard on HSE
**Standard on HSE, optional on S and SE


XE R-Dynamic S

From £32,205

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Key Features:
18" Style 1049, 10 split-spoke, Gloss Black with contrast Diamond Turned finish 
Premium LED headlights with signature DRL and Auto High Beam Assist
Heated, electric, power fold door mirrors with approach lights and auto-dimming driver side
Perforated grained leather 12-way heated electric front sport seats with contrast stitching
40:20:40 split fold seat
10” Touchscreen with Pivi Pro Infotainment System​
Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto
Front and Rear Parking Aid 
Lane Keep Assist 
3D Surround Camera
Driver Condition Monitor​
Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter

XE R-Dynamic SE

From £34,260


Key Features:
18" Style 5029, 5 split-spoke, Gloss Dark Grey with contrast Diamond Turned finish
Premium LED headlights with signature DRL and Auto High Beam Assist
Heated, electric, power fold door mirrors with approach lights and auto-dimming driver side
Perforated grained leather 12-way heated electric front sport seats with contrast stitching
40:20:40 split fold seat
10” Touchscreen with Pivi Pro Infotainment System
Interactive Driver Display
Online Pack with Data Plan
Blind Spot Assist Pack
Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter
3D Surround Camera
Keyless Entry​

XE R-Dynamic HSE

From £36,585


Key Features:
19" Style 1050, 10 spoke Gloss Dark Grey with contrast Diamond Turned finish
Premium LED headlights with signature DRL and Auto High Beam Assist
Heated, electric, power fold, memory door mirrors with approach lights and auto-dimming driver side
Auto-dimming interior rear view mirror​
Gloss Grey Figured Ebony veneer 
Perforated Windsor leather 16-way heated electric driver memory front sport seats with contrast stitching.
40:20:40 split fold seat
10” Touchscreen with Pivi Pro Infotainment System
Lower Touchscreen 
Interactive Driver Display 
Online Pack with Data Plan
MeridianTM Sound System
Driver Assist Pack 
3D Surround Camera
Keyless Entry 
Electrically adjustable steering column

XE R-Dynamic Black

From £34,485


Key Features:
19” Style 5031, 5 split-spoke alloy wheels with Gloss Black finish
Red brake calipers
355mm front and 325mm rear brakes
Premium LED headlights with signature DRL and Auto High Beam Assist
12-way heated electric front seats
10” Touchscreen with Pivi Pro Infotainment System
MeridianTM Sound System
Unique Black side sills and mirror caps
Blind Spot Assist Pack
Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter
3D Surround Camera
Auto-dimming interior rear view mirror
Gloss Black trim finisher
Bright metal pedals
Special Features


The beating heart of every XE is a powerful, British-built, Turbocharged Petrol or Diesel engine. All engines are constructed of lightweight aluminium alloy which, combined with advanced low-friction technologies, delivers a refined, efficient and engaging driving experience.
Nothing quite matches the sensation of being in a Jaguar XE on an open road. You're reminded that driving can be genuinely exhilarating. An outstanding feature of this car is how it can feel marvellously comfortable too. Jaguar has created a range of sophisticated technologies which allow you to modify your XE and enjoy the driving experience you want when you want it.

JaguarDrive Control allows you to select from Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, and Rain, Ice, Snow Mode. Each mode has its own tailor-made programme which alters different parameters, such as engine and transmission response, steering feel, parasitic load management or traction and stability control. The optional Adaptive Dynamics system makes for further improved ride comfort and dynamic body control using continuously variable damping technology. The system monitors multiple sensors that analyse vertical wheel positions, vehicle acceleration, steering inputs, as well as throttle and brake pedal activity to adjust the suspension damping settings. This provides a near-perfect balance of comfort, refinement and agility.
XE is the culmination of Jaguar's prowess at designing and building sports cars. A lightweight aluminium chassis and double-wishbone front suspension enable the highest levels of handling and road holding, delivering a spine-tingling driving experience. Unusually for an executive sports saloon, it also features a sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension, which provides sharp response and handling, while still retaining a refined and luxurious ride. Also, to help XE tackle winding roads, there's intelligent Torque Vectoring by Braking technology. On tight turns, it applies the brake to the inside wheel and directs more rotating force from the engine to the wheel with the most grip. The result is an exceptional combination of sports car-like agility, more consistent road holding and a feeling of added confidence when you're driving.


We know you need to be in touch with the rest of the world when you're driving. That's why we've loaded XE with a suite of integrated technologies as standard – keeping you connected, informed and entertained on your journeys.

The high-definition 10" Touch Pro configurable home screen gives you all the help and information you need when you need it. There's an interactive side panel for multitasking, together with a multimedia connection for accessing your own music library.

XE even listens to you, with a voice recognition system for hands-free requests such as "call home" or "find nearest petrol station".

Touch Pro Duo* is our innovative twin-screen system, providing a 10" upper Touchscreen and 5.5" lower Touchscreen. The benefit of having a lower screen is to allow dual-tasking, for example, navigation mapping on the upper screen and climate controls and access to other features – such as entertainment – on the lower screen.

Interactive Driver Display** uses high-definition, crystal-clear graphics to show 3D maps, vehicle settings, contacts and media options. You simply select what you want to see on the screen at any time, and control everything from the multi-function steering wheel.

Head-up Display*** projects a full-colour virtual image of useful information – from speed and cruise control settings, to directions and speed limits – directly onto the windscreen at eye-level, allowing you to keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead.

*Standard on HSE, optional on S and SE. **Standard on SE and HSE, optional on S. ***Optional. Requires solar attenuating windscreen
Remote allows you to interact with your XE from anywhere with a data connection via the InControl Remote app. See your car's data remotely – from fuel levels to door and window status. Set the perfect cabin temperature in advance. Find your XE quickly in a crowded car park. Secure your car from a distance.
Smartphone Pack, which includes Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, is perfect for mobile phone screen sharing and makes it easy to use an interactive set of apps through XE's Touch Pro system. It helps you to stay connected to your smartphone whilst in the car and you can use compatible apps such as Spotify.

Connected Navigation Pro allows you to enjoy a continually seamless experience while making your journeys easier and less stressful. You can plan your route and share your ETA with friends. See what the traffic's like on your way to your destination. Get travel tips. Search surrounding areas for places of interest.

Plus, you can now recharge your mobile phone by simply resting it on the optional wireless device charger in front of the SportShift Selector. This technology is new to Jaguar, and XE is the first of our cars to feature it.
  Other features include: Online Pack – comprising 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, Live Apps and Smart Settings, adding to your in-car experience so you and your passengers can enjoy the journey whilst staying connected to the world.

Live Apps – for access to 'live' information services such as Weather Watch, Flight Tracker, News and Sports. Other helpful features include a Calendar and Online Media for access to your Deezer and TuneIn accounts.

Smart Settings – featuring artificial intelligence algorithms, so your XE learns your habits and tastes and predicts your seating, climate and music preferences. It'll even preheat your steering wheel and seats on a cold day, or change the media channel at a certain time or on a specific day of the week.
Music has the power to change your mood, evoke memories and affect your wellbeing. It can give you tingles or make you cry. It's why music and cars go so well together. Sitting behind the wheel, listening to your favourite singer, band or composer. It's your space. Your world. But what if you could do more than simply listen to the music? What if you could feel it, experience it, immerse yourself in it? What if you could make more of a connection with the music and enjoy a greater sense of acoustic involvement in your Jaguar? British-based Meridian™ Audio is all about the musical experience – the very sense of being there. Their award-winning, precision-engineered audio systems are built on a lifetime of research into psychoacoustics (the science of how the human brain perceives sound) to deliver a performance that is so true to life, you feel every beat, every breath.
Whether you're cruising along the motorway or running errands around town, XE can detect potential trouble and help keep you alert, safe and comfortable.

There's a Cruise Control and Speed Limiter to keep your XE at a set speed specified by you, helping you to stick to local speed limits. A Driver Condition Monitor identifies your fatigue levels based on your driving behaviour and the length and time of your journey. If it thinks you need a break, it'll tell you. There's also a Rear Camera for improved visibility when reversing, and a Front and Rear Parking Aid to help manoeuvre you in and out of tight spaces. Lane Keep Assist detects when the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of the lane and applies a corrective torque to the steering wheel, encouraging you to guide your vehicle back.
When the view out of your XE's rear window is obstructed by passengers in the second-row seats, our optional ClearSight interior rearview mirror is the perfect solution. By means of a video feed from a rear-facing camera, it lets you see the road behind you, regardless of passengers who may otherwise block your vision.

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