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In the unfortunate event of an accident, your insurer may suggest another repair centre which is not manufacturer-approved. In order to contain costs, these bodyshops may use non-genuine parts which could invalidate any current warranties on your vehicle.

As an owner, you’re entitled to have the repair carried out at your chosen Approved Bodyshop. Our bodyshop has access to the latest manufacturer-approved repair methods and equipment, so you can be assured your warranties stay intact.

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3 Simple Steps - What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

In the event of an accident no matter how big or small you must stop, turn off your engine and turn on your hazards to warn other drivers.

Take down details of not only the circumstances of the accident date, time, location, damage to the vehicle. But also the other driver's details, name, contact number, registration, make and model of their vehicle

Contact our Lloyd Accident Care Helpline on 0845 050 8650  and we will liaise with your insurance company on your behalf, taking away any unnecessary stress.

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Lloyd Accident Care

Helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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0845 050 8650
Lloyd Accident Care Helpline

In the unfortunate event of an accident, our complimentary accident care will provide you with a replacement vehicle throughout the duration of the repairs if you are not at fault. No excess to pay, no claim on your insurance.

As part of the Lloyd Bodyshop Service, you will also receive:

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Complimentary Courtesy Vehicle

  • Complimentary Vehicle Health Check

  • Complimentary Wash and Vacuum

  • Lifetime Guarantee of Repairs* 

  • Genuine Parts and Manufacturer Trained Technicians

*Terms and conditions apply.

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bodyshop, accident damage, cosmetic repairs, alloy wheel refurbishment

The First 5 Questions To Ask Your Insurer

Should you call your insurance company first, remember to ask these vital 5 questions before any work is carried out on your vehicle.

  1. Can they ensure the safety systems in your vehicle are checked and working through the use of specific manufacturers diagnostic tools?

  2. Can they guarantee only Genuine Parts are used in the repair of your vehicle?

  3. Will the technicians carrying out the repairs your vehicle be trained by the manufacturer and follow the correct methods in the repair processes?

  4. Will your Warranty and Corrosion Warranty stay unaffected following the repair?

  5. Can they offer a Lifetime Guarantee on their repairs?

Should any of the answers above be no, contact Lloyd Bodyshop where you can be guaranteed genuine parts and all warranties protected.

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Customer Feedback

I have just purchased my first Kia ca. James was the sales person, he sent me my own personalised video then he arranged a test drive. Absolutely loved it, this Sportage has got more gadgets than the space shuttle, got a great deal on the px too. Thanks James, pretty sure I'll see you in the future.

Stephen Egerton - Lloyd Carlisle Kia

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