Starting from £33,795

Volvo EX30


EX30. Big electric performance in a small package

The price shown is the starting price. The model shown is a fully equipped variant that may be priced differently


The fully electric EX30. Our smallest ever SUV.

298 miles
Electric range (up to)
26.5 m

Estimated DC fast charging time


15.7 kWh

Energy consumption

(per 100km)

3.6 s

Acceleration from

(0-62 mph)


Preliminary data derived from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for EX30.  Real-life energy consumption achieved varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors.  Vehicle certification pending.

Driving experience. Intutitive by design.

Simpler and more customisable driver controls and displays help make driving less complicated and more intuitive.

Centre Display

Get your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and more on Google Play right in your car for a seamless experience.

Calm View

Use calm view to see only essential driver information on the centre display. Toggle to surround view for all the details.

Google built-in

Get your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and more on Google Play right in your car for a seamless experience.

A range of 5 Exterior Colours

Vapour Grey

Onyx Black  

Moss Yellow

Crystal White

Cloud Blue


Recycled. Renewed. Refined.

We’ve crafted four nature-inspired interiors for the EX30. They blend beautifully colour-coordinated upholsteries and décor made from renewable and recycled materials.


The refreshing cool we long for on sunny days. Look for unique patterns in soft colours.

Pixel Knit & Nordico - Upholstery
Summer days - Design inspiration
Particle - Décor panels
Blue - Air vent décor


The lingering silver fog at dawn's first light. Look for natural materials in crisp, contemporary colours.

Tailored Wool Blend - Upholstery
Flax - Décor panels
Dawn's first light - Design inspiration
Transparent - Air vent décor


The elemental magic of Scandinavian forests. Look for warm, tactile materials in rich, natural colours.

Wool Blend & Nordico - Upholstery
Flax - Décor panels
Scandinavian forests - Design inspiration
Transparent - Air vent décor


The rising night sky at dusk. Look for modern, sporty materials in rich colours.

Textile & Nordico - Upholstery
Denim - Décor panels
Nightfall - Design inspiration
Blue - Air vent décor



The stylish soundbar is the centrepiece of a high-performance audio system.

Park Pilot Assist

The EX30 can park itself, steering, accelerating and braking for you.

Ambience Themes

Five illumination and sound themes conjure the ambience of Scandinavia.

Smart Storage Solutions

Practical storage solutions and a versatile boot add convenience and comfort.