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Our Lloyd Volvo centre offers genuine Volvo parts and accessories. Located beside some of the country's top locations, including World Heritage sites and the Lake District National Park, Lloyd Volvo has a centre in Carlisle covering Cumbria and Southern Scotland.


Volvo Parts and Trade Parts

Volvo Genuine Parts are an essential part of Volvo’s makeup – we like to think of them as your car’s DNA. From cabin filters to oil filters, wiper blades to windscreens, Volvo Genuine Parts can ensure you are getting the most out of your Volvo, keeping it 100% genuine through and through.Volvo-Trade-Parts-Image

All the design and engineering expertise for which Sweden is renowned go into every one of the components from which your Volvo is made, ensuring you receive maximum quality and performance throughout your ownership.

Each part has been specifically designed and manufactured to fit your Volvo to the exact manufacturer requirements, so you can enjoy everything your vehicle has been designed for.

Lloyd Volvo also supplies Genuine Parts to the Trade, with daily deliveries across Cumbria and the North East along with technical advice when needed. Lloyd Volvo really is the first for Trade Parts - helping the Trade maintain manufacturers warranties on their customers' vehicles whilst providing a quick and reliable service.

  • Daily Deliveries
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Technical Advice

Our expert Parts Advisors are on hand to help find the right parts for your Volvo or your customers Volvo, whilst maintaining manufacturers warranties on the vehicle.

Contact your Lloyd Volvo Parts Department on 01228 658854 or visit the eBay Parts store here.


Volvo Genuine Accessories

Volvo has developed a range of exterior, interior, technological and storage accessories for vehicle – giving your car a more unique profile and making your Volvo more you. Looking for a roof rack for an exciting new hobby? A safety grille for a new pet? Child seats for a new addition to the family? Our range of accessories are custom made for your Volvo, giving you a great deal of freedom and flexibility to ensure your Volvo grows with you. Whatever your lifestyle, your Volvo plays a big part in it, so make it ready for whatever you throw at it.

What's more, from Lloyd Volvo to you. Free Volvo Golf Umbrella when you spend £50 or more on Genuine Volvo Accessories. Print or present the below voucher to redeem your offerVolvo-Accessories-Voucher


Polestar Performance Upgrade

Take the effort out of towing, get hooked on more torque with the Polestar upgrade from Lloyd Volvo.

The Polestar technology, a result of over 20 years of performance optimisation development, is offered exclusively to your existing Volvo car as a software upgrade. It has been developed by Swedish motor performance Polestar especially for Volvo powertrain engines. It makes your car more lively and fun to drive, by adding extra power and torque, and it increases safety in situations where you need extra performance, for example, when overtaking. All this is achieved without increasing the fuel consumption or affecting your original Volvo warranty.

Volvo cars are built to high precision with a focus on safety, reliability packed with advanced engineering and solid components. They make for the perfect platform for performance enhancement. Polestar engineers take into account the precise limits of each component when developing a new product, ensuring that you get the most out of your Volvo without compromising on any safety and performance aspect. It is also more than likely to increase the value of your Volvo when reselling it. This makes Polestar the ultimate optimisation for your Volvo.

Contact us for more information. Availability dependent on model.

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Genuine Volvo Winter Accessories at Lloyd Volvo

Keeping you safe has always been Volvo's mission; from inventing the humble safety belt in 1959 to our accessories specifically designed for your Volvo to keep you safe during the winter season. 

Discover our range of winter accessories below, suitable for the every day to the  adventurous, life-saving to lifestyle defining this season.

Winter Wheel Packs

Give yourself enhanced grip as well as peace of mind during the colder months with a set of Volvo Winter Wheels and Tyres.

When the temperature drops and the roads get wetter, summer tyres no longer perform at their best. The rubber compounds get hard, resulting in a reduction of adhesion and handling. That is why 7°C is the signal for winter tyres. Only the special rubber compounds of winter tyres withstand the cold in order to maintain grip and guarantee a short braking distance. Make a timely change – and make the difference between a critical situation and a collision. As well as being safer, Winter Tyres also wear more efficiently than standard tyres in low temperatures saving future costs.

Winter Wheel Packs from only £1500 at Lloyd Volvo, with a free Volvo Winter Kit with every purchase. We can also store your summer wheels and tyres. Contact our Parts Department for more information. 

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Volvo Snow Chain

Snow chains are devices fitted to the tyres of a vehicle to provide maximum traction when driving through snow and ice. 

The Volvo Snow Chain is specifically developed for several tyre dimensions, it also has the advantage of not being fitted on the inside of the tyre and so does not take up the space required by larger tyres.

  • Supplied in pairs, ready to fit
  • Supplied in a textile pouch
  • Easy to fit
  • TUV approved

*Snow chains must only be used on the front wheels. Also applies to AWD. Use Volvo genuine snow chains designed for the correct car model, tyre and rim dimensions, to prevent damage, for example, to the wheel housing.

Specifically designed for your Volvo Snow Chains from £324.99, with a free Volvo Winter Kit with every purchase. Contact our Parts Department for more information. 

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Volvo Snow Socks

The perfect aid when driving on snowy and icy roads. The sock is easily mounted on the wheel and provides increased friction on snow and ice. It takes up little space and can be reused. The snow sock will not damage the rims.

The snow sock is made of a high-tech fibre material, the fibres of which are roughened during use in order to provide optimal grip. The material is both strong and resilient to further increase the wheel's contact area with hard snow and ice.

  • Quick to mount and remove
  • Provides increased grip on hard winter roads
  • Consists of high-tech textile fibres in lightweight material
  • Approved to TÜV SÜD
  • Easy to store
  • Does not create noise or vibration when driving
  • Washable, reusable and recyclable
  • Max speed limit: 50 km/h.

    Specifically designed for your Volvo Snow Socks from £69.99, with a free Volvo Winter Kit with every purchase. Contact our Parts Department for more information. 

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Volvo Winter Essential Kit

Get complete peace of mind by having the Volvo Winter Essential Kit in your Volvo.
The Winter Essential Kit contains:

  • Ice scraper
  • Screen wash
  • De-icer
  • High Visibility Jacket
  • Thermo Blanket
  • Volvo Storage bag

    The Volvo Winter Essential Kit is available for only £9.99 at Lloyd Volvo Carlisle. Contact our Parts Department to purchase yours. 

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Customer Feedback

Best Volvo garage in the north of England/Scotland. After 3 failed attempts to repair an engine fault at another dealer these boys did it in 6 hours. Its a shame you have to travel 160 mile mind to find this service but the results are Fantastic service, Volvo need to take a closer look at this place and take note so at the dealer conferences they can demonstrate to the rest how to operate a 5 star operation.

Matthew Kaye - Lloyd Carlisle Volvo

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