Electric Vehicle Servicing

You may not have to change the oil, but servicing is still required and essential to keep your electric vehicle in top condition.

Electric Vehicle Servicing

One of the many mysteries of Electric Vehicle ownership is how often they need servicing, and what an EV service actually involves. After all, the engine and assorted other parts of the engine have been replaced by an electric motor and a controller.

However, that’s not to say your battery powered vehicle won’t require a quick once over with the spanners every so often, because like all cars there’s more to maintenance than just the engine. 

So the experience an owner has servicing it will be more or less the same as they would have had with a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Electric Vehicle MOT

Does my Electric Vehicle need an MOT?

The short answer is yes. It is a legal requirement for any vehicle to have an MOT. Contact us today for more information.

What will be checked on your MOT test?


Check they are working correctly and aren't overheating. The brake fluid level should also be checked, as this can become low due to an overuse of regenerative braking - which recharges the battery.


Must be in a roadworthy condition with enough tread depth, no cuts or bulges and the correct type of tyre for the vehicle. This test is particularly important for frequent drivers as the condition of your tyres can affect efficiency.


Ensure there are no cracks or splits in the wheels (or tyre rims) and that all nuts and bolts are secure.


Look for any signs of corrosion, rust or damage to lights, mirrors and number plates.

Battery condition

You will need to prove that your battery can store enough power to start the vehicle and run at least four headlamps.

Charging equipment

If you have an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, we will check the charging port for damage or leaks as this could cause an electrical fault.


All vehicle lights are tested from hazard lights, to brake lights, and headlights - ensuring they are the right brightness and not causing danger to other drivers on the road.


One of the key safety features we take for granted. So important in fact that if any part of the seat belt is faulty or damaged it could contribute to failing your MOT.


Safety checks including looking out for cracks in the screen itself, as well as testing that the windscreen wipers are in good working order.


Testing both the wheel and tyre suspension to ensure the car’s steering is in good condition. 

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Electric Vehicle Servicing

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Customer Reviews


Rating based on 5,433 verified reviews

Rating based on 5,433 verified reviews

Great staff 5 star.
Mick Hort
Blackpool MINI - January, 2024
My experience with Lloyd Kia South Lakes was five star start to finish. Thank you for all your help and I’m very happy with my new car.
Bethanie Wilson
South Lakes Kia - October, 2023
Bought 6 months ago. After sales assistance was required and was superb. Ian was first class.
Stephen Felton
Newcastle MINI - August, 2023
Great Dealership all staff really helpful, would recommend
Martin Davies
South Lakes Kia - April, 2024