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So around 9 years ago I came to llyods for my service on my 5 series and from there to now I've bought 3 cars of Lloyd's now and have my service carried out here too. I've dealt with the same Exec who knows exactly what I'm looking for, Matt Shannon. Matt has not only been looking after me with getting me in a car that I want. But has also advised me on how and when is the best time for me to make the decisions that would be in my best interest and has been very transparent with everything from Start to finish. I now own a brand new 7 series which due to covid arrived a little later than expected as everything was in lockdown. But communication had still been kept and I was updated on every step by both BMW and Lloyd's. I would highly recommend Kiara for service and Matt from sales. And if you want similar service and sales experience as me then mention my name Mohzam Ali (camera dude) to get yourself similar sort of experience and relationship as myself. All the best in making the BMW Journey.

Mohzam Ali - Lloyd Colne BMW

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