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Electric Car Charging

Did you know there are more than 40,000 charging points around the UK?

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Electric Car Charging FAQs

How does electric car charging work?

To charge a Plug-In Hybrid or Fully Electric car, it will need to be plugged in at a charging point. When charging at home, you can use a normal plug socket, but you can also purchase a dedicated home charging point. Electric cars can also be charged in public locations, and some of these are free to use. Public chargers can be found in various locations, like public car parks, retail car parks, supermarket car parks, service stations, gyms and leisure centres.

How many charging points are there in the UK?

There were 30,290 public electric vehicle charging devices available in the UK as of April 2022. This number is growing! You can use our Electric Car Charging-Point Map to find a charge point near you.

How do I pay for my electric car charging?

How you pay will depend on where you’re charging your vehicle - When you’re charging your vehicle at home, any electricity that you use will be added onto your electric bill as normal. If decide to use public charging points, it’s common to pay any costs via a monthly subscription service– similar to a mobile phone tariff. Electric car charging points also take card payments, and many public charging operators have mobile phone apps through which you can pay for charging.

How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

Charging times vary according to factors such as the size of the vehicle’s battery and the type of charger you decide to use. The higher the kW (kilowatt) rating of a charger, the faster it can charge your vehicle.

To reduce the overall time it takes to recharge, many drivers will top-up their vehicle whenever they park in public places, like the supermarket, gym or their workplace.

Rapid chargers can often be found at motorway service stations and these are often rated from 43kW and above, and so would take only 30 minutes to an hour to fully charge your vehicle.

Public charging points tend to be rated at around 7kW-22kW, and would usually take around 3 hours to fully charge a vehicle from empty.

Generally, home chargers are rated between 3-7kW, and they are often used to charge vehicles overnight as they typically take around 8 hours to fully charge a vehicle from empty.

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Charging Your EV at Home

Charging Your EV at Home

Just like you would charge your phone overnight, your EV can be plugged in and charged each night at home and topped up, if necessary, throughout the day. An overnight charge will be able to provide all the daily driving range the average driver will need. It’s possible to charge your EV up at home using a regular three-pin socket, but it’s recommended to have a dedicated home EV charger installed, as it’s far faster and safer.

Charging Your EV in Public Areas

Charging Your EV in Public

With over 30,000 charge points around the UK, it’s easy to charge your electric car whilst you’re out and about. You can find charging points in all sorts of areas, such as retail parks, supermarket car parks, and gyms. Rapid DC charging points can also be found on motorways and main roads - Use our Electric Charging Point map above to find a public charging point near you.

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