27 July 2023

BIG LOVE: Lloyd Newcastle MINI Lend a Hand to The People’s Kitchen

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This week, members of our Lloyd Newcastle MINI team - Lori, Atlanta, Adam and Lee – have been spreading some #BIGLOVE by lending a hand to The People’s Kitchen!

The People’s Kitchen is dedicated to making life better for vulnerable people, helping to fight hunger and loneliness for locals in need. They strive to make their Friends’ lives easier by sharing hot meals and packages of clothing, toiletries, food, mobile phones and sleeping bags. These people might be at risk of homelessness, unemployed, lonely or living in poverty. They also offer friendship and professional services to improve mental wellbeing.

The People’s Kitchen is proudly run entirely by volunteers, and this week the team at Lloyd Newcastle MINI embraced the opportunity to lend a helping hand. On Monday 24th July, the team loaded up a MINI with donations, and set off to help make a positive impact in the community.

The Newcastle MINI team spent the day helping the People’s Kitchen out with food preparation, tidying, and organising donations from local supermarkets into the ‘corner shop’ - This is where Friends can go before or after their evening meal to pick up items that they can take away with them.

Lori, Lloyd Newcastle MINI Brand Manager, said “It’s amazing how organised and well-run the People’s Kitchen is while relying on volunteers alone. They have so many people giving up their time to help and support them every week”. Adam, Business Manager, added “The dedication of the volunteers to give support day in and day out, providing the number of hot meals as well other facilities like showers and clothing, is phenomenal”.

The team also helped put together the monthly toiletry bags that Friends can collect at the start of every month, which include the main toiletries that we usually take for granted - shampoo, bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrush, a razor, shaving foam, deodorant and a bar of soap.

Lee, New Car Sales Executive, said “To see so many people taking the time to help the less fortunate than themselves was very humbling - It was great to be part of that”.

Atlanta, New Car Sales Executive, shared her thoughts, saying "The amount of work and effort that goes into keeping the People’s Kitchen running, and the way the community comes together to provide hot meals, clothing and a safe space is something I have never experienced before. I really enjoyed my experience at The Peoples Kitchen, and it felt good knowing we were doing our bit to help people in need. I think it is really important that we all try to do just a little bit more to help people who are struggling".

If you’d like to know more about the incredible work that The People’s Kitchen does for the local community, you can visit their website below.

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