05 December 2023

Best EV Cars

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Best EV Cars

Looking to make the switch to all Electric motoring?

Are you exploring the possibility of EV (Electric Vehicle) ownership, but unsure which cars might be best suited for your needs? Lloyd Motor Group is here to help! Read on for an overview of some of the standout examples of our used electric cars for sale. Whether you need a city hopping run around or a larger electrified SUV, we've got you covered with our quality selection of used electric vehicles.

What are the benefits of EV adoption?

We have a more comprehensive page bestowing the benefit of EV cars here but below are the main differences to a traditional combustible engine to consider:

•    Range Requirements - With the average daily commute in the UK being under 20 miles, you won’t be short of options as our quality selection of used EV’s all capable of providing this, and then some, from a single charge.

•    Electricity Costs – The last year or so has certainly been unstable in terms of energy prices.  Market and socio-economic factors had led to uncertainty and instability surrounding the cost of electricity, however, towards the back end of the 2023 things have certainly settled down allowing you to budget in any changes to your usage. Not only this, but certain suppliers also provide half price, off peak tariffs throughout the night so if you’re charging your car then, you can save as you sleep*.

•    Battery Life – The Batteries that drive the motors on EV’s will often be covered by their 

*Extra charges may apply.

Best Used EVs to Buy

Used BMW iX

Used BMW iX

For something with a bit more presence but still fully powered by electric, you could look no further than the imperious BMW iX (or its sister car, the X3 inspired iX3). With a range as impressive as the build quality, the BMW iX is the perfect option for someone that demands a bit of luxury alongside their environmentally conscious drive. Built from the ground up to be the very best electric SUV, the iX is the pinnacle of the new class of automotive engineering.

Browse Used BMW iX's
Used MINI Electric

Used MINI Electric

All the fun one should expect from the classic British brand but electrified for the modern era. Available in 3 levels, with each one benefitting from different levels of spec. The all-electric drive train provides that trademark go-kart handling but with the added benefit of instant torque, propelling you from 0-60 in as little as 7.3 seconds. MINI boasts up to 145 miles of range from a single charge, giving you plenty of freedom to partake in a MINI adventure of your own.

Browse Used MINI Electrics
Used Jaguar I-Pace

Used Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguars flagship EV is a four-wheel drive exercise in practicality and performance. With an official range of 261 miles on a single charge, you’ll have no issues doing the rounds whilst benefitting from the sleek opulence of the Jaguar interior. The suspension absorbs the harsher bumps and dips in the road to maintain a drive of optimal comfort. The digital displays are as showy as you would expect from Jaguar and the cabin has more than enough space for driver and passengers alike.

Browse used Jaguar I-Paces
Used Kia EV6

Used Kia EV6

Designed from the outset to be an industry leading electric car, the EV6 makes the bold claim that it can charge faster than a Tesla but can it back this up? In short, yes! Kia are no strangers to the all electrification game. Charging the battery from 10% to 80% (charging it to 80% optimises the batterie’s life span) in as little as 16 minutes. Spacious, unique, and kitted out with an abundance of spec and extras, the EV6 is a comprehensive, reliable and energetic EV.

Browse used Kia EV6s
Used Volvo Electrics

Used Volvo Electrics

The pure electric version of Volvo’s hallmark SUV, the XC40 recharge has evolved from its distant petrol and diesel cousins. With impeccable safety credentials as standard, the XC40 Recharge is capable of hair-raising acceleration with the added bonus of plenty interior cabin and boot space. The XC40 Recharge is an all-rounder of the highest order.

Browse used Volvo XC40 Recharges

Find the best used electric vehicles at Lloyd Motor Group

At Lloyd Motor Group, we aim to make buying an electric car as easy and affordable as possible.

Finding the perfect EV with us is simple:

  • Browse our Electric used cars for sale – With a plethora of models available at various price points, you are bound to find one that suits any budget. 
  • As you are browsing, you can add cars that catch your eye to your shortlist, so you can revisit them later.
  • Once you have found the perfect electric car, you can request a personalised walkaround video to see more.
  • Reserve your chosen car online for £99 and book your test drive.

Find an EV used car for sale near you today.

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