03 July 2024

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Entering the world of Motocross can sometimes be daunting, but just before you rev up and go, have a read of our 5 Top Tips to start you off in the world of motocross.

Motorcross Bike

1. Do your research.

Motocross is a very demanding sport - you will need time and lots of patience to become a good racer. Take the time to browse online to find your nearest tracks, what bikes are available and when you can give it a go. Social Media is also a great place to find numerous pages and resources dedicated to motocross and there are thousands of people and businesses out there happy to assist.

2. Rent or buy?

It all depends on how much are you willing to invest. Some of our own customers and staff members only ride once in a while, others race professionally and some just enjoy building up their bikes. If you just want a taste of motocross before committing to purchasing a bike of your own, don’t hesitate to take advantage of your local motocross facilities renting plan. If you are a newbie always make sure to consult with a professional on the condition of the bike before purchase - some issues are not visible and are not always the cheapest to fix.

3. Be part of the community.

Motocross brings together dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who are always willing to share a good time. Make sure you get to know the local motocross community as those people are great source of knowledge and help when needed. Get involved in events and stay up to date with social media. In our experience, some of the best opportunities come from people within your local motocross group.

4. Get ready – Get Fit!

Motocross is a very physically demanding sport and you have to be in shape to handle it. Speak to a local fitness instructor about how to gain core strength. Consult a specialist on how to alter your diet in order to speed up the muscle gain and improve your overall stamina and body strength. If you stick to it then the results will become visible and in no time at all, you will see an improvement in your riding skills and technique. 

5. Never settle for less.

There are various ways to enhance your bike, but make sure you always put your safety, and the safety of others first. Don't use parts that are not fit for your bike, such as parts that are too old, too used or not compliant with the industry standards. Genuine parts can cost quite a lot but in the long term they will do you a better job and will deliver the desired performance. Always consult with more knowledgeable people if you buy parts from a friend or un-reputable source.


Local Tracks & Clubs

Cumbria Moto Park

The UK's first indoor electric motocross track. Located on the edge of the Lake District in Wigton, this track was set up by two friends, who have transformed an old chicken shed into a dirt track to create a unique experience for riders.

Preston Docks MX – Preston

Providing two tracks available for practice on a regular basis. The main track which is one of the UK’s British Championship competing tracks and a junior ready track for beginners, both professionally maintained every week.

Leisure Lakes Motocross – Mere Brow

The tracks are both Motocross bike and Quad bike friendly. Leisure Lakes MX is a sand-based track set inside woodland on the banks of the lake at the bottom of the complex. There is a separate "Beginners and Junior Track" that allows younger riders to develop their skills at their own pace. Camping is available at £5 per unit.

Micklefield MX Track – Leeds

With 3 tracks to cater for every type of rider, from the under-5's and complete beginners to experienced Adults. The tracks are maintained to the highest standards all year round. Amenities include a toilet block, plenty of secure parking, and food on site.

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