28 June 2024

Walking with Wolves

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Watching wolves run wild through a pine forest in the heart of the Lake District is an extremely unique experience. As is the first time a wolf licks and nuzzles your hand. They are the kind of memorable moments that Dee and Daniel Ashman set out to create when they started their Walking with Wolves experience. Based in the very area where the last wolf in England was said to have been killed in the 14th Century.

Dee and Daniel's wolves have been quite a success for the couple’s Predator Experience business, but with group numbers limited to just four, the Walking with Wolves club still remains rather exclusive. Along with the Walking with Wolves experience being the only one like it in Northern England, this experience is truly unique.

The experience begins with an introduction to the wolves as these beautiful creatures accept you into their pack by using their noses to learn your scent and by getting more comfortable in your presence. When they are happy they move away. This swift process is extremely significant as it helps the wolves build up their dictionary of scent.

On the rare occasion they might jump up, you are advised to turn your back. The same applies if you catch their eye for too long as well – you definitely don’t want to be getting yourself into a staring competition with a big wolf!

Once introductions have been made, the experience begins with a short walk through the forest for an hour or so whilst you firmly hold their lead. The lead is set up so that two people can lead one wolf at the same time. With wolves having such impressive strength, having two of you hold the lead helps to provide you with more control.

Whilst enjoying your unique walk in the heart of the countryside, Dee & Daniel take you through the fascinating history of the wolf breed, which is extremely interesting to listen to. The experience concludes with a fantastic photo shoot of yourselves and these magnificent animals. Memories made forever.

If you wish, there is also the option to meet the resident red fox after you have spent time with the wolves. Learn about red foxes and why conservation of these beautiful creatures is so important. 

Walking with Wolves

Wolf Facts

  • Humphrey Head, overlooking Morecambe Bay, is said to have been where the last wolf in England was killed in the 1390s. The story behind this is that the wolf attacked a child in Cark and locals killed it with pikes. Bowland was one of their last refuges.

  • The DNA difference between a wolf and a chihuahua is 0.2 percent, the same between a human and a chimpanzee.

  • A wolf can do a slow run (lollop) for about 60 miles without stopping. Their top speed is about 40mph.

  • Wolves have lots of different howls for different situations, including morning and grief howls.

  • The myth of werewolves comes from the time of the Black Death when corpses were laid in open graves. Wolves would eat the cadavers and when spotted leaving the graveyards it created the folklore that the dead people had turned into wolves.

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