10 August 2023

Lloyd Carlisle Defender Arrive & Drive event

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Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle was delighted to host their exclusive Defender Arrive and Drive event at the enchanted Rose Castle, Dalston.

Customers were able to test drive the latest Defender Collection, each embodying the brand's legacy of innovation and rugged capability.

The event was designed not only to provide customers with a firsthand understanding of Defender's remarkable features but also to pay homage to Defender's legacy as an enduring symbol of versatility.

After completing test drives, attendees had the privilege of unwinding within the historic walls of Rose Castle whilst indulging in a selection of refreshments. A perfect marriage of luxury and heritage. 

The day was filled with excitement as our customers experienced firsthand the capabilities and luxuries of our Defender vehicles.

We'd like to thank all of our customers who joined us and made the day memorable. For those who were unable to join us this time, we missed you and sincerely hope that you can be a part of our next event.

View a video from the day below. 

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