10 August 2023

Lloyd MINI Local Influencers: Northern Soul Scents Make the Switch

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Based in the picturesque Lake District, Northern Soul Scents aim to help customers transport themselves to beautiful places, evoke beautiful memories and experience nostalgia through scent with their unique home fragrance products.

Jody Johnston, owner of Northern Soul Scents, recently took part in our Lloyd MINI Local Influencers series, which sees local businesses experience the MINI Electric and share with us their thoughts on electric driving. Making the switch to electric is a fantastic idea for Northern Soul Scents, as their mission is to operate in a way that minimises their impact on the environment, so that future generations can enjoy the area we are lucky enough to call home for years to come. None of their packaging contains plastic, and is recyclable and/or biodegradable, and they always use small-batch production to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Read what Jody had to say about her electric driving experience below.

How did you find the range of the MINI Electric?

I loved driving the MINI Electric. It’s a much smoother drive than the diesel I currently have and much quieter, so it’s a lot nicer and more enjoyable to drive.

What did you think of driving the MINI Electric?

The range was enough to get me to work and back each day for the week, so a good car for driving around locally.

How easy did you find charging the MINI Electric?

The charging was really easy and there are convenient charging points in the area close to work for me. There are only 1-2 charging points per location so that could be an issue as more people make the switch, but hopefully more will pop up around the county in the future. Although, if I got one, I’d have the charging point installed at the unit so it wouldn’t be an issue!

Do you think you’ll be making the switch for your next car?

I would definitely consider an electric car for our next work vehicle when it’s time to get a new one.

Find out more about making the switch with the MINI Electric by clicking here and keep an eye out for our #LloydMINILocalInfluencers series on social media.


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