19 November 2021

Lloyd MINI Local Influencers: Rock FM take the MINI Electric for a spin

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Last week, our friends from Rock FM took a MINI Electric from Lloyd Motor Group for a spin around Blackpool as part of the Lloyd MINI Local Influencers series. The series sees local companies' experience and share with us what making the switch to electric driving is really like.

Rock FM is the local radio station that broadcasts across Lancashire and next year will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. The station is part of Bauer Media Group but retains its very local roots and content, whilst also benefitting from all the links that come with being part of a global media group.

After working with Rock FM for many years as the breakfast show sponsor, we were excited for Sam, Head of Commercial Revenue, and Jonathan, Regional Sales Director, to experience electric driving for the very first time. Read their review below.

What did you think of the drive of the MINI Electric?

Sam: The drive was amazing! This was my first time driving an electric car and it most definitely won’t be the last! I couldn’t believe how slick it was. It absolutely blew me away! The whole driving experience was just easy!

Jonathan: This was the first time I had driven an electric vehicle but it won’t be the last! The experience was fantastic and it strangely felt more exciting to drive. The MINI was so quiet I couldn’t hear a sound but I found handling more reactive compared to a petrol car. The acceleration was great and the breaking felt more intelligent and like it was trying to help me. Very reassuring. I had read a lot about electric cars and have been thinking about changing to an all-electric vehicle next year – after this experience, I definitely will be!

What did you think of the technology on the MINI Electric?

Sam: I must say the pulling off the accelerator for the MINI to slow down and eventually stop was a little scary at first but within minutes it became natural.

Jonathan: The technology felt like it was learning or reacting to what I was doing. Especially while breaking as the more, I drove the more the car knew what I was going to do next. The spec looked really slick and the dashboard was super cool. Overall, I think it was brilliant.

How easy did you find charging the MINI Electric?

Sam: Really easy, I don’t think anyone would have a problem or struggle to charge!

Jonathan: It was really easy to charge – much easier than I thought it would be. In fact, I can’t believe how easy it was. There was no worry about grease or oil getting on my hands or clothes and it just worked fantastically.

Would you consider making the switch to an electric vehicle for your next car?

Sam: Absolutely, we are in the process of choosing new company cars and the electric has definitely jumped to the top of the list!! After driving the MINI, I am now all for going electric!
Jonathan: Having researched electric cars over the last few months I will definitely be moving over next year. The driving experience was awesome and the handling of the car was really intelligent. Knowing that it is better for the environment and going to save me money on fuel and tax is an even bigger bonus. Yes, please for all-electric cars!

Find out more about making the switch with the MINI Electric by clicking here and keep an eye out for our #LloydMINILocalInfluencers series on social media.

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