02 November 2021

Lloyd MINI Local Influencers: Thornton Hall team make the switch

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The team from Thornton Hall was out and about recently in a MINI Electric from Lloyd Motor Group as part of the Lloyd MINI Local Influencers series. The series sees local companies' experience and share with their followers what making the switch to electric driving is really like.

Thornton Hall Country Farm Park is a family-run, award-winning country farm park situated on the border of Pendle and the Yorkshire Dales; family days out to the country park include hands-on animal encounters, safari experiences, pony rides, seasonal events, and a play barn and outside play area. Sister venue to the farm park, and located on the same 250 acres of breath-taking countryside, is the exclusive, purpose-built Thornton Hall that specialises in weddings, celebrations, and corporate events and can hold up to 150 guests. With lots going on every day, and to ensure that everyone who visits Thornton Hall has an enjoyable experience, the ability of the team at Thornton Hall to get about and run errands easily and efficiently is essential.

Roxanne, Lorna, and Scarlett, team members from Thornton Hall, gave us an overview of how they found the MINI Electric and what making the switch to electric was like for them.


How did you find the range of the MINI Electric?

Roxanne: I took the car with 40 miles available and quickly learned how to make the mileage last on the electric MINI. I had made several short around-town trips totaling approximately 30 miles during and on return there were 20 miles available. On day two I barely made any way into the overall battery distance available which was great to see, the car can clearly go further than the dial suggests with some considered driving, which is great for your purse! 

How did you find driving the MINI Electric?

Scarlett: I was very excited to be given the opportunity to test drive the MINI Electric through Thornton Hall Country Park. The overall look of the car was very impressive. I loved everything about it! The design, interior, wheels, digital cockpit, sound, and speed…all of it!! I also loved driving it, the car was so easy and a pleasure to drive. The MINI was very well equipped. 
Roxanne: The MINI Electric was great fun to drive, nippy and quick off the mark! As you would expect the car was comfortable and easy to drive with all the modern conveniences you’d expect, nothing is left out because this is an EV. The styling drew attention at traffic lights and I thought the glowing MINI logo that lights up the floor beneath upon unlocking was a nice design touch.

Lorna: I really enjoyed how it drove. Everything seemed to be seamless and effortless for it. Even when driving up very steep country lanes.  

How easy did you find charging the MINI Electric?

Scarlett: Very easy. I didn’t charge using a public charge point as I was able to charge the MINI at work using the three-pin home charging cable, however, if I had needed to charge the MINI at home it would have been a struggle living in a terraced house with no drive/garage. 
Lorna: To physically charge the MINI was very straightforward and simple. I did struggle at first as I didn’t know that I needed an app downloaded to charge the car at a public charge point. However, it was very convenient to be able to plug it into your own home. 

Do you think you’ll be making the switch for your next car?

Roxanne: I considered this car last month when looking to purchase a new vehicle. Although the size doesn’t suit my family needs (the price point drew me in for a look), I eventually discounted the idea of purchasing an all-electric vehicle due to the lifestyle shift and ensuring the car is charged or finding charging points on longer journeys, especially as I often have children with me. I absolutely love the idea of an EV however, for the environment and cheaper overall driving, and can see the MINI Electric working brilliantly for younger, city/round town professionals. 
Lorna: As it stands, I don’t think I’ll make the switch next time to electric. I would rather wait until there are more charging points in my local area. I did find the MINI to be a very appealing car to drive through and it will be my first choice when I decide to switch. 
Scarlett: Before driving the MINI, I was a little naive on what going electric could offer. I would definitely consider this option for our next car and look into options for home charging in terraced houses.

Find out more about making the switch with the MINI Electric by clicking here and keep an eye out for our #LloydMINILocalInfluencers series on social media.

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