28 September 2023

MINI and Crayola Join Forces to Explore the Future of Automotive Design

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MINI has joined forces with Crayola, the world's leading manufacturer of children's art supplies, to embark on a journey into the imaginative minds of children with the launch of ‘MINI Minds... with Crayola’ – a competition searching for their visions of the cars of tomorrow.

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As the generation to grow up in a world dominated by electric cars, primary school children are unleashing their imaginations - cars equipped with giant wings for soaring adventures (67 per cent), electric shape-shifting automobiles that adapt to your every need (63 per cent) and colour-changing vehicles that reflect your mood (51 per cent) are just some of the imaginative predictions that mini designers aged 4 to 10 years said were important to them.

The collaboration seeks to inspire and foster creative confidence, after research from MINI found that four in five parents (80 per cent) are seeking out new ways to encourage their children and spark their imagination.

MINI and Crayola have launched a competition for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years, to encourage them to embrace their creativity and provide a platform to explore their ideas and build confidence in their creative abilities.

Young visionaries are invited to submit their designs for the car of the future; whether it's sleek aerodynamics, eco-friendly technologies, or out-of-this-world features. The winning design will then be turned into reality using vinyl wrap on a MINI Electric, alongside a generous supply of Crayola art materials for them and their school. What’s more, the winner will also receive a private tour of MINI Plant Oxford, where young minds can witness the magic of hundreds of MINIs being built right before their eyes.

The research from MINI revealed that 83 per cent of parents feel inspired by their child’s imagination, with nearly four in five (78 per cent) keeping boxes full of drawings and ideas as keepsakes. More so, 59 per cent of parents hope their child will have a career in a creative industry in the future, with two thirds associating a creative career with ‘happiness’, and two thirds with ‘fulfilment’.

Turning to the mini futurists themselves, one in 10 of the children surveyed expressed a burning desire to be a future designer or artist, with two in five saying arts and crafts was their favourite lesson at primary school.

Cheri Sterman, Senior Director, Crayola Education and Vice-Chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning “Creative experiences are essential for child development. Children need opportunities to apply their imagination in tangible ways—as they draw what they dream and pretend to see other universes. Opportunities to stretch creative thoughts and make their thinking visible enable children to be seen and heard. Creative experiences, more than anything else children do, provides deep connections between self and others, and builds children’s cognitive capacity.”

Cheri Sterman, Senior Director, Crayola Education and Vice-Chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning

As electric cars take centre stage for the next generation, nearly three in five (59 per cent) of children asked said they were concerned about the environment, with 76 per cent wanting their future car to help protect the planet. Thoughtfully designed, the MINI Electric has a WLTP range of 145-miles to easily get you to where you want to go, embracing feel-good joy while emitting zero driving emissions.

“MINI has always been driven by the spirit of innovation and creative use of space. The visions and creativity of children are a boundless source of inspiration, and that's why we're thrilled to partner with Crayola to tap into the extraordinary imaginations of these budding designers. We can't wait to see their ideas come to life and hope to inspire them to dream big and help shape the future of mobility."

Federico Izzo, Director, MINI UK & Ireland


“Crayola is passionate about helping to raise creatively inspired children and we believe in helping to unleash and celebrate their colourful originality by offering a wide wide portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream. We are delighted to be partnering alongside MINI to provide children the platform to explore their creative minds and self-expression. Crayola has inspired children for more than 100 years, since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line in 1903 and it is exciting to focus forward into the future and glimpse into children’s amazing imagination and their wonderful ideas for what this might look like.”

Jade Childs, Marketing Controller at Crayola

MINI's partnership with Crayola represents a shared commitment to fuelling the imagination of children, while encouraging them to feel more confident in their creative capabilities. With industry predictions seeing the 2050 car as a driverless pod that can change colour with the tap of an app what will the MINI Minds… with Crayola winner come up with?

To enter the MINI Minds… with Crayola competition, visit your local Lloyd MINI retailer or click below to download the template, let your child get creative with our MINI Electric template, and submit your child’s design to mini.minds@popcornpr.co.uk.* The competition closes 16 October. Good luck!

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  1. Download the template and print it out.
  2. Your child uses crayons to create their perfect MINI Electric of the future. There’s also a description box for them (or you) to add a bit more detail about the idea. Remember to include the name of your child’s school, too.
  3. Take pictures of the design (or scan it) and email it us at mini.minds@popcornpr.co.uk. The competition is open from 18th September to 16th October 2023.
  4. Our combined MINI and Crayola judging panel will decide on the winner based on the ‘vision of the future’ brief.
  5. The winner will receive a tour of MINI Plant Oxford and get to see a MINI Electric wrapped in their design. Crayola goodies will also be sent to the winner's school.

Please note: All entrants' artwork and their child’s first name may be used for promotional purposes. It is also a condition of accepting the prize that the winner takes part in a photoshoot with the wrapped MINI Electric.

*All entrants’ artwork and their child’s first name may be used for promotional purposes. It is also a condition of accepting the prize that the winner takes part in a photoshoot with the wrapped MINI Electric. For full terms and conditions, please click below.

Full terms and conditions

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