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Seasonal driving advice

As the morning sun sits lower in the sky and the temperature starts to dip, we all know that those frosty mornings on the horizon. Whether you are a seasoned driver or the Winter road is a new experience, these seasonal changes can prove a challenge to us all. 

For this season, we often don’t take the correct precautions to prepare for the change in driving conditions such as less daylight, rain, leaves and snow on the road or slight dips in temperature. Consider our advice, and take your time on when making journeys.

  1. Prepare your vehicle, top up your screen wash and check functioning before setting off
  2. Know your journey and should you not have Sat Nav, be aware of alternative routes you could take due to traffic or diversions
  3. Ensure you have plenty of fuel in the tank to compensate for any required detours
  4. Check your engine oil, sufficient oil helps regulate the temperature of your engine on long journeys
  5. Increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front to compensate for any sudden braking ahead on wet roads
  6. Take your time when accelerating/decelerating to ensure maximum effeciency in the colder weather
  7. Know your brakes, ensure your brake pads have sufficient depth. This can be checked on a free vehicle health check by our technicians.*
  8. Ensure you have sufficient tyre tread and they are correctly inflated as the colder temperatures can increase pressure
  9. Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If they squeak when they wipe they are likely to need replacing and are key to your safety in Winter weather conditions. 
  10. Keep a pack of essentials, just in case: Screen wash top-up, Top-up oil, Phone charger, Spare tyre/tyre sealant, AdBlue

Tyre Safety

Make sure your tyre pressures are correct

Correct tyre pressure can benefit you, and those around you, for many reasons. Optimum pressure is vital to your safety on the road, contribute to lower fuel bills, longer tyre life, along with reduced CO2 emissions.

Yet, a shocking 35% of tyres are being driven at least 8psi below the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation*. This is despite under-inflated tyres heavily affecting drivers handling and grip and potentially causing irregular or unpredictable vehicle behaviour. They are also much more likely to suffer from a dangerous sudden rapid deflation, especially when travelling at high speed.
Safe tyres with the correct air pressure can reduce the risks to you, your passengers and all road users.
The incorrect tyre pressure will also have a negative impact on your fuel consumption; 3% more fuel is used when pressure is 6psi below recommended inflation.

This means that £600 million is wasted yearly on fuel costs by British motorists driving with under-inflated tyres*, with 56.8% of car tyres in the UK is at least 4 psi below the recommended pressure*.
If you would like us to check your tyres for you, please contact your nearest Lloyd dealership and book in for a complimentary tyre safety check.

Check your Tyre treads are legal 

With your tyres being the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road surface, they play a critical role in road safety. However, each year in the UK, there are still more than 1200 road casualties’ that are caused by an accident where under-inflated tyres are a contributory factor*.

The minimum legal limit is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of your tyre at any point to use the tyre wear indicators in the base of the tyre tread groove to check the extent of the tyre tread wear.

 When the tread has worn to these indicators, your tyres are at 1.6mm and illegal so you need to replace them immediately.

If you would like us to check your tyres for you, please contact one of our Lloyd dealerships and book in for a complimentary tyre safety check.

Click here to contact your nearest dealership.

Tyre safety check

Be safe this winter with our complimentary tyre safety check.  Should you need replacement tyres, we offer a range of competitively-priced tyres backed up by a price-match guarantee so you can put your trust in Lloyd Motor Group. All makes and models are welcome, so you can enjoy our premium onsite facilities at the Lloyd retailer of your choice while you wait.

Click here to contact your nearest dealership.

How to tell your Tyre size


Contact us today with your tyre size if you need to change your tyres as we price match tyres for your convenience.

Our extensive range of tyres is price-matched on a like-for-like basis against other suppliers so you can rest assured that, should your tyres need replacing, you are getting a competitive price with no hidden extras.

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Longer Journey preparation and safety

When taking longer journeys, it pays to be prepared.

Travel Essentials  

  • Screen wash top-up
  • Top-up oil
  • First aid kit
  • Phone charger
  • Spare tyre / tyre sealant
  • Jumpstart cables

Vehicle Health Check

Regular use of lights, heaters and wipers put more demand on several “wear and tear” items on your vehicle. By carrying out a visual health check our manufacturer-trained technicians will assess those key “wear and tear” items on your vehicle, reporting those that may need to be replaced over the winter months.

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