24 November 2023

Artistic Porsche Challenge for Lloyd Bodyshop Newcastle

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Artistic Porsche Challenge for Lloyd Bodyshop Newcastle

Calling all Art and Motor Enthusiasts.

Meet Lloyd Bodyshop Newcastle’s **Project 75**. In celebration of Porsche’s 75th anniversary earlier this year, all Porsche Recommended Repairers were challenged to create a one-of-a-kind art piece encapsulating the evolution of the luxury brand. The creative event was presented to Porsche a fortnight ago and was the perfect opportunity to showcase to the local community what it is we do at Lloyd. Spotlighting the technical skills of our amazing technicians who specialise in Prestige repairs. Here at Lloyd, we believe in first class customer service, precision and quality and we feel this was reflected in the piece.

The team at Lloyd Newcastle Bodyshop wanted to create a piece inspired by some of the most iconic Porsche paint colours over the last 75 years, including Racing Yellow, Lava Orange and the striking Guards Red.  Welding together eye-catching boards and the use of a genuine car panel spraypainted in the fabulous Rivera Blue helped to create the illusion of a car, bringing the piece to life.  

The team wanted to the ensure areas Lloyd represent were shown, using recognised and established landmarks of the northeast such as the angel of the north, Millennium bridge and Greys Monument.

Catching up with the Lloyd Newcastle Bodyshop manager Paul Robson regarding the intentions and process behind creating the piece he commented:

We had to start from scratch with only a quarter panel and an A post. We then used the Porsche methods to join both panels  to complete the full side as seen in the images. We had some boards made up where we painted them in the classic and current Porsche colours to signify the progression over the 75 years."

Paul added:
"We wanted to finish this off with a little local touch so added the graphics of the local monuments. A lot of hard work and experience has gone into this resulting in a fabulous art piece."

Everyone at Lloyd Motor Group is incredibly proud of the outcome and a big well done must go to all involved.

If you liked the opportunity to see the team’s artwork, why not head on down to Lloyd Bodyshop Newcastle. Click here for more information on Lloyd Bodyshop Newcastle

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