25 October 2023

Lloyd South Lakes Corporate Sales Executive

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Meet Corporate Sales Executive, Jonathan!

Meet Corporate Sales Executive, Jonathan!

Jonathan has been in his role at Lloyd South Lakes for 2 and a half years now, and has a passion for electric vehicles and the benefits they can provide for drivers, businesses, and the environment. As a Corporate Sales Executive, Jonathan is here to guide you through the various business car and finance options available for BMW and MINI. Read on to find out more about Jonathan, or contact him via email using the link below.

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What drew you to Lloyd Motor Group and your position as Corporate Sales Executive?
"What drew me to the position was the opportunity to help develop Lloyd South Lakes as the go-to for the business user - especially when they are considering the business and personal benefits of electric vehicles".

How long have you been in the role, and what qualities do you believe make a good Corporate Sales Executive?
"I've been in my current role for 2.5 years. One of the main qualities that I believe make a good Corporate Sales Executive is tenacity. It's also important to offer the highest quality customer experience when building long term business relationships, from developing an enquiry to delivery of the first vehicle and beyond".

What do you love most about your job?
"One of the best things is the opportunity to grow and excel under the Lloyd Motor Group umbrella".

What has been the highlight when working with Lloyd Motor Group?
"The highlight so far has been the recognition of my achievements, and being part of a growing family owned company".

What is your favourite car?
"For me, it's easier to choose a group of cars – Electric cars offer so many benefits: to companies, to the driver and to the environment without any loss of driving pleasure".

What do you love about the BMW Brand?
"The thing I love most about BMW is the heritage, and the continued innovation".

What do you love about the MINI Brand?
"The cross generational appeal of the design, and the memories that the car generates".

Do you drive an EV? If so tell us about your experience?
"I've been lucky enough to soley drive electric for past 2 and a half years. From my experiences, I've noticed that range anxiety is actually charging anxiety, and once you choose the correct car for purpose, you learn how easy it is to make it work and notice the benefits over ICE cars. Most of my charging is done at home, and I have discovered how easy it is to plan great charging".

What are you most looking forward to for the next 12 months?
"I'm looking forward to continuing to promote electric vehicles with the growing range of BMW electric and the new generation of MINI Electric vehicles".

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