07 December 2023

Meet the Lloyd Blackpool MINI Team

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Over the past few months, Lloyd Blackpool MINI have seen lots of progression and growth within their busy team. With some fresh faces having recently joined us, we thought now would be the perfect time to not only introduce you to our newest members of the team, but also get to know our managers and long-standing staff members a little bit better.

We asked the team a few questions to learn more about them, both inside and outside of the showroom. Read on to get to know the fantastic people that make up Lloyd Blackpool MINI!

Meet the Blackpool MINI Managers!

Meet the Blackpool MINI Managers!

Our Lloyd Blackpool MINI Management team is made up of Sam, our Brand Manager, Raz, our Used Car Sales Manager, and Robert, our Retail Sales Manager. Sam is practically part of the furniture at Lloyd Blackpool MINI, having been with us for 18 years. Raz has been part of the management team for over 2 years now, and Robert is the newest addition, and has already brought his own unique skills to his management position!

Sam Goody, MINI Brand Manager

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their career in the motor industry?

“I would say it’s very important to come at it with a positive mindset & great work ethic! It’s essential to work hard if you want to achieve the results, but if you do then the outcome can be really rewarding. For instance, seeing someone’s reaction when they take delivery of their new car is a great part of the job! Whether it’s a teenager picking up their first MINI, or a loyal customer taking delivery of their 10th, the satisfaction you get from handing over the keys to a new car is great”.

What’s the top destination on your must-visit list?

“I would definitely to go back to Africa again. I visited Zimbabwe, Zambia & Botswana back in 2016 on a MINI trip, and the place just blew me away. From the variety of animals we saw in their natural habitat, right through to the friendly local people I met on the way, it was truly amazing. It’s a place I definitely want to get back to in the near future!”

Raz Khan, Used Car Sales Manager

How many years have you worked in the motor trade?

“I’ve been in the trade now for about 10 years. I started off as a Sales Executive and stayed in this role for about 7 years. I then became Business Manager, and did this for 18 months before moving on to my current role as Used Car Sales Manager, and I’ve been in this role for 9 months so far”.

What the best piece of advice you have ever given?

“In terms of my job, the best advice I have given is ‘If you don’t try, you will never know what you are missing out on’.  Also, understanding the brand will help you to achieve success in this job. For customers, the best advice for me would be to make sure you LOVE the car that you’re buying, as this will put a smile on your face every day. Test drive before you buy and I’m sure you will fall in love with the MINI brand”.

Robert Wood, Retail Sales Manager

What unique skills have you brought to your role so far?

“I would say that I’ve smoothed out the whole sales process, from getting deals invoiced to getting pay outs completed from the finance company. Also, completing files down and getting all the paperwork back to the relevant departments at a very fast pace, normally within the same day… I feel I have created a great level of urgency and attention to detail across the whole team with paperwork”.

If you could have a conversation with one person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

“Sir Alex Ferguson!”

Meet Some New Faces!

Meet Some New Faces!

Charles and Macey are the newest additions to our Sales team. As Trainee Sales Executives, Macey and Charles are learning everything they need to know about sales interactions, from the moment our customers step onto the forecourt to when they leave with their dream car. Get to know a bit more about them below!

Charles Bramma, Trainee Sales Executive

What drew you to becoming a Trainee Sales executive?

“I’d worked in retail previously for 6 years but was looking for a change in scenery, and with MINI being one of my favourite car brands, how could I not apply for such a great opportunity? I already enjoyed the customer service aspect of my previous job, so being able to develop on that and learn new skills was something that really stood out to me”.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

“If I’m not busy with either watching either the football or F1, I like to try and get out on my bike, either cycling locally or up around the Lake District. I also like a good night out with my friends, as it’s always a good laugh being around them”.

Macey Hardman, Trainee Sales Executive

Why did you want to work for Lloyd Motor Group?

“I chose to apply for my role with Lloyd Motor Group because I have always admired the kind and friendly nature of the business. My parents bought their previous 3 cars over the last 12 years from Lloyd Blackpool, as well as my grandparents being customers to the business also! Funnily enough, when I was in the market for my own car, I visited Lloyd MINI Blackpool and said to my mum how I’d love to work here as the environment seems so positive. So, when the opportunity arose for a role in sales, I applied! As a result of the last 5 months that I have now worked for Lloyd Motor Group, I have been proven that the reputation of the business really is true! I am thoroughly enjoying my experience working for the company and hope to be successful here in the future!”

What is one item you can’t leave the house without?

“Lip balm! I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips, especially as we’re approaching winter. I always have at least one in my car, one in my bag and one in my coat! Vaseline in definitely my go-to”.

Meet Some Familiar Faces!

Meet Some Familiar Faces!

Our Sales Executive Emily, Oli and Rossi are long-standing members of the team, and are here to help our customers find their dream MINIs, and guide them through each step of the process. Find out more about themselves and their roles below.

Emily Gaskell, Sales Executive

What’s your favourite thing about the MINI brand?

“The MINI brand is so individual and fun, you really can make the cars unique to you and there’s something in the range for everyone!”

Tell us something about yourself that most people won’t know.

“I’m quite handy at playing netball, and I’m a former Blackpool netball player”.

Oliver Kerbel, Sales Executive

What does a typical day in your role look like?

“A typical day in the dealership for me consists of handing over MINIs to my customers and showing them how all the gadgets work! Just so they can enjoy all the features that their MINI offers!”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“If I had to pick a last meal to enjoy it is an easy winner: My mum’s Christmas dinner!”

Rossi Polak, Sales Executive

What is your favourite thing about your role?

“My favourite thing about my role is getting to meet new customers, and helping them to find their dream MINI!”

If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?

“If I could swap places with anyone for a day it would be Wayne Gretzky, just so I can see what it’s like to be a living legend”.

Meet the Aftersales Team

Meet the Aftersales Team!

As part of our Aftersales team, our Service Team Leader, Nicole, and our Service Apprentice, Ben, are on hand to guide you through your MINI’s servicing journey. Get to know a bit more about them below!

Nicole Parker, Service Team Leader

What's your favourite thing about your role?

"Theres so many different aspects to my job, which is what I love the most about it. I started in 2015 as a weekend receptionist, had a few different roles in between and have now progressed to MINI Service Team leader. In Aftersales, no day is the same, which allows me to challenge and push myself to learn new things every day".

What does your ideal weekend look like?

“I love to travel, so my ideal weekend is to go on a nice city break and explore".

Ben Gorrie, Service Apprentice

What does a typical day in your role look like?
"No day is the same in the service department. It varies from showing customers how all the gadgets work in their car, to explaining to customers the work carried out or any issues with their vehicle".

Tell us something about yourself that most people won't know.
"Im not very photogenic - in other words, I hate pictures!" (Sorry Ben!)

The Lloyd Blackpool MINI team are located just off junction 4 of the M55, and are on hand to provide you with the full MINI experience, from finding your dream car to keeping it in top condition. Contact the team, browse the new MINI range, or learn more about servicing your MINI below.


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