09 April 2024

Progressors Who've Progressed: Meet Charlie!

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Meet Charlie, our Sales Executive at Lloyd Carlisle MINI!

Meet Charlie, our Sales Executive at Lloyd Carlisle MINI!

Starting his career at Lloyd Motor Group back in 2022, Charlie is yet another of our colleagues who began their journey with us as a Vehicle Progressor. The Progressor role is a brilliant starting point for many of our team members - Controlling our online forecourt and getting our vehicles through the preparation process, it’s a fantastic introduction to all facets of our business, including Sales, Service, Bodyshop and more. Charlie tells us all about his journey from Progressor to Sales Executive below, and all of the skills he has learned along the way!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

To start off with, I’m at the grand age of 20 years old, and started my career with Lloyd Motor Group in 2022 - so at the moment I have little experience in the trade compared to some of my colleagues. I’ve always been intrigued by exhilarating sports: starting off with downhill mountain biking, trials biking, climbing, skiing, and various bits of mountaineering, and my most recent hobbies…motorsport and building fast cars!

“I’m very lucky to have dipped my toe into rally driving at the age of 13, and various track driving days from the age of 12 onwards, with my driving experience starting at a very young age in field cars on my school friend’s farm. I must add that I’ve also just started playing golf thanks to my new team at Carlisle MINI, which is going to take a while to get used to!”

Tell us about your career journey at Lloyd Motor Group.

“I’m extremely passionate about motorsport and cars in general, which is what initially attracted me to the motor trade. After finishing my A-Levels in June 2022, I was contemplating going to University to study Business. However, in the meantime I applied to be a Vehicle Progressor and Digital Merchandiser at Lloyd BMW and MINI...and the rest is history!

"I thoroughly enjoyed working as a Progressor, as it opened me up to every side of the business – from Sales to Aftersales, Administration, Valeting, Bodyshop, Technicians and Marketing. As a result of being involved with every department, I gained some very valuable relationships along the way. In particular, I really gelled with the MINI Carlisle sales team!

"When a position came available to be a part of the Sales Team at MINI Carlisle, I instantly had to apply... and I must say I’m VERY glad I did. I absolutely love my job – and that’s probably down to talking about cars all day!”

What transferrable skills did you learn as a Vehicle Progressor that have helped you in your current role?

Being a Vehicle Progressor was all about timing and urgency, making sure all of the stock was ready as soon as possible, and I have taken this skill into being a Sales Executive. Having great timekeeping and punctuality is essential in the world of Sales – making sure your customers never feel rushed or have to wait around. Timekeeping is also absolutely essential in the sold car preparation process, as here at Lloyd we take pride in making sure our customers have the best handover experience possible!”

What is your favourite part about your current role?

I would have to say my FAVOURITE part of being a MINI Salesman is working for such a dynamic and ever-growing brand. I have had many MINIs before I started working for Lloyd, with my first car being a 2003 MINI Cooper S! Also, my mum has always been a Lloyd MINI Customer, so I remember coming into the dealership from my early ages. Therefore, this really helped me with my brand knowledge - I love to go into fine details with my customers and give them a better insight into how amazing the MINI brand really is.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

To be honest, I see myself in the same role in 5 years, hopefully having many returning customers. Sales is a very dynamic environment, so consequentially it will never disinterest me! With all our new product being launched in the near future, it’s a very exciting time to be a part of the MINI brand!”

Tell us 2 Truths and a lie about yourself!*

  • "I sold more Lloyd Select cars than MINIs during our latest Lloyd Exclusive Event"
  • "My family dog is named MINI"
  • "I’ve had 8 MINI’s before working for the brand"

Charlie’s success story is a brilliant example of where a career at Lloyd Motor Group can take you.

If you’d like to work for a family-run business that’s passionate about helping its team members progress, browse our current vacancies. We can’t wait to hear from you!


*Charlie’s lie is “I’ve had 8 MINI’s before”... He’s actually on his fourth!

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