18 February 2022

Carlisle East Fire Station visits Lloyd Motor Group

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We were delighted to welcome the Carlisle East Fire Station crew to our workshop, where they gained an insight into our electric cars and their components!

Car manufacturer technologies are constantly changing and developing and with the rise of electric cars on the roads, the crew understand the importance of having up-to-date knowledge about new and existing dangers they might face.

A huge thank you to the crew for taking part in the demonstration, led by our BMW Master Technician, Gary Dickson. We spoke to Stuart Forrester, from Carlisle East Fire Station about his visit with us today: 

"As a Fire and Rescue Service, it is part of our role to respond to humanitarian emergencies, many of which involve road vehicles- be it people trapped in flooded cars, road traffic collisions, or dealing with vehicle fires. We are always trying to understand the risks that our crews could come across in our communities, and familiarisation visits like this morning help our crews to better understand the dangers of specific risks at incidents- such as electric vehicles; and how we can safely deal with them.
It makes our job a lot easier when we have businesses such as yourselves who are willing to open your doors to us and provide us with expert input from the likes of Gary, who showed us some of the components which could potentially be hazardous to our crews, and how we can safely deal with these. We can't thank you enough for your hospitality, and the information we have learned may well keep our crews safe when we’re called to deal with incidents involving electric and hybrid vehicles.
As a Fire and Rescue Service, it is important for us to keep up to date with a new technology that our crews may not have encountered before, in order to keep our crews safe and educated on the new hazards they may face, and with the advances in electric vehicles, and their increasing popularity, it is definitely something our crews need to keep up to date with, to minimise the risk to our communities."


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