27 May 2021

Land Rover UK Launch Nationwide #OUTSPIRATION Hunt To Encourage People To Reconnect With The Great Outdoors

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Land Rover UK has launched a nationwide, digitally-enabled ‘treasure’ hunt this week as part of a new #Outspiration campaign to encourage the British public to explore the outdoors, while contributing to the improvement of their mental health and wellbeing.

Building on this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme being Nature, #Outspiration was developled to prolong the message of how important nature is to our wellbeing.  Research conducted by the Mental Health Foundation* showed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, going for walks outside was one of the top coping strategies, with 50 per cent of the public reporting being in green spaces had been vital for their mental health.

Working in partnership with digital platform Landmark, users can login via the website (www.OutspirationHunt.com) which using GPS, spotlights picturesque areas of natural beauty and #Outspiration locations on a map.  Much like the successful ‘Pokemon Go’, the website also uses augmented reality to turn the UK into a real-world map of inspiring locations.

Once the user has physically made their way to the location on the map, a content card will pop up providing information on the area and why it has has been selected as a place of #Outspiration. The user will then be transported to an AR Experience, using their phone camera to move around in order to find the #Outspiration ‘pin’ at their location. 

Each pin has an associated badge and there are 5 types of badge to collect, dependant on the location and area type: Peak, Water, Scenic, Landmark and Cultural.

Each badge represents an entry into a prize draw where a total of up to £30,000 worth of prizes can be won, including a luxury week-long adventure holiday in Scotland with the loan of a Land Rover; ten weekend roadtrips with a Land Rover, powered by the brand’s affiliate rental service ‘The Out’**, plus a host of half day experiences with Land Rover Experience.***

The challenge will include over 200 hotspots to be explored across England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands and will run from 29th May to 6th June covering both half term and the bank holiday weekend.

After spending over a year in and out of lock-down and the current uncertainty around foreign travel, Land Rover hopes that this campaign will encourage people to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Land Rover has always stood for capability and adventure: Go wherever, whenever, whatever the weather and with some inspiration from #Outspiration, the British public can explore near or far like never before; and while there are plenty of prizes to be won in this competition – the real prize will be the feeling of reconnecting with nature.


*Research from Mental Health Foundation can be found at the following link: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/news/coping-with-the-pandemic
** 'The Out' is vehicle rental company powered by Jaguar Land Rover. They offer a door-to-door delivery service across the UK with a number of Jaguar Land Rover products - please visit www.theout.com/about for more information.
***Smaller prizes include 50 x half day experiences at a Land Rover Experience centre of choice around the UK

Article source: https://media.landrover.com/en-gb/news/2021/05/land-rover-uk-launch-nationwide-outspiration-hunt-encourage-people-reconnect-great

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