21 March 2023

Defender 90 Voted Best Family SUV For Off-Roading

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In the recently concluded Car of the Year Awards 2023, Defender 90 was voted the Best Family SUV for Off-Roading award. This prestigious award is given to the SUV that excels in off-road capability while providing comfort and practicality for family use.

The Defender 90 impresses with its rugged and capable off-road performance, thanks to its advanced terrain response system, locking differentials, and impressive ground clearance. At the same time, it also offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that can comfortably seat a family of five.

The Defender 90 stands out from its competitors for its exceptional combination of off-road prowess and family-friendly features. Including its intuitive infotainment system, excellent safety features, and comfortable ride quality.

The Car of the Year Awards is a highly respected event in the automotive industry. This year's competition was fierce, with several top SUVs contesting for the Best Family SUV for Off-Roading award. However, Defender 90 managed to stand out and take the top position.

The Defender 90 is excellent for families who love adventure and want to explore the great outdoors. Its impressive off-road capabilities, practicality, and comfort make it an ideal vehicle for families who love to travel and explore off the beaten path.


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