21 April 2023

Lloyd Cockermouth Announce Cockermouth Mountain Rescue as Their Charity of the Year

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We are delighted to announce that Cockermouth Mountain Rescue is our Lloyd Cockermouth BMW & MINI Charity of the Year for 2023/24.

A charity of paramount importance to the local community, Cockermouth Mountain Rescue was first formed in 1953 by local mountaineers, where a pair of boots, a rucksack and a tin of elastoplasts would be enough to volunteer with the group.

From there the charity has gone from strength to strength, through introducing helicopters and search dogs in the 70’s and 80’s to upgrading from call-out police officers to electronic pagers in the 90’s and 2000’s. In more recent history the team have moved to a new HQ building in Cockermouth and were instrumental in aiding the local community throughout the severe weather and flooding in Cockermouth and other areas.

This year Cockermouth Mountain Rescue is celebrating their 70th anniversary and commemorating the important challenges undertaken by their team on an almost daily basis. The team trains hard to be ready to deploy at any time; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is made up exclusively of local volunteers. Alongside search and rescue operations and administering emergency care and medical attention, the team also plays an important role in educating the public about the risks and hazards associated with mountain activities.

Cockermouth mountain rescue has 40 local volunteers and relies solely on donations to operate, with the charity needing £100,000 per year to carry out their important work. 23rd February 2023 marks their 70th anniversary.

David Byrne, Head of Business at Lloyd Cockermouth, said of the partnership:
“Cockermouth Mountain Rescue have long played an important role in our local community. We are fortunate to receive a great number of walking tourists here, attracted by the beautiful scenery, alongside the dedicated ramblers who live in and around Cockermouth, and it makes us all feel safer knowing that we have such a highly professional and passionate team that are able to help us if anything were to go amiss. We really are grateful to live in such a charming part of the world and to be under the care of the fantastic Cockermouth Mountain Rescue team.”

Martin Pickavance, Chair of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team remarked:
“We are pleased to be the official charity partner for Lloyd Cockermouth BMW & MINI. Like them we are passionate about our local community and everything that Cockermouth and surrounding areas has to offer.
Our volunteers are highly skilled and the majority of our costs are spent on training such as:  offroad driving and blue light training, as well as first-class medical training alongside comprehensive rope skills, to ensure we are ready to assist at moment’s notice. Our costs have significantly increased since 1953, rising from £50 to £100,000 in 2022, so any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

To find out more about Cockermouth Mountain Rescue and for more information about the events and celebrations Cockermouth Mountain Rescue will be holding throughout the year to mark their 70th Anniversary, please visit their website by clicking below.

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