20 June 2023

Lloyd Colne Complete the Annual Pendle Pub Walk for Local Charities

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Lloyd Colne Annual Charity Walk

On Saturday 17th June 2023, Lloyd Colne took to the Pendle Countryside to take on the annual Pendle Pub Walk in aid of Pendleside Hospice and Burnley Pendleside Rotary Club supported charities. 

22 members of team Lloyd Colne BMW & MINI signed up for the event,  and by registering and the teams donations, Lloyd Colne donated £1,237.00 all of which goes directly to Pendleside Hospice, Lloyd Colne's Charity of the Year, and other locally supported charities.

Lloyd Colne's Pendle Charity Walk

The annual event saw over 2,000 walkers challenging themselves to the 13-mile route, which is made up of a combination of countryside and road walking, through some of Pendles's most scenic countryside including Fence, Higham, Barley, Roughlee, Blacko, Higherford and Barrowford. 

Pendle Charity Walk in the Countryside

Along the route, there was a number of official venues for the 22 team members from Lloyd Colne who signed up for the challenge to have a rest, purchase refreshments and enjoy live entertainment. 

Lloyd Colne Pendle Charity Pub Walk

The walk is organised by Pendleside Hospice and Burnley Pendleside Rotary Club to raise money for Pendleside Hospice, with £5 of each registration fee going to other local charities who are supported by the Rotary Club.

Pets at Lloyd Colne's Charity Walk

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