Lloyd Motor Group announces sponsorship of ‘Carlisle Remembers 1918’

Date posted: 19 June 2018

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Craig Kirkpatrick presents donation to Carlisle Remembers 1918

Lloyd Motor Group has been announced as one of the first local businesses to offer its support to ‘Carlisle Remembers 1918’ after confirming it will help sponsor the community event.

The ambitious plans to mark the centenary of the end of World War One in Carlisle were revealed last month by Colonel Anthony Steven, one of the lead organisers of the event. He said:
“As this November is the Centenary of the declaration of the Armistice that ended World War One, it is only appropriate that the people of Carlisle have the opportunity to mark the occasion and to remember the sacrifices of those who marched off to war, many never to return. In consequence, a series of four major commemorative public events are planned on Saturday 10th November 2018 to mark this special anniversary, under the banner of – ‘Carlisle Remembers 1918’.

We are raising £20,000 to cover the setting up and delivery of this free public event within the grounds of Carlisle Castle. The support of a prominent local business such as Lloyd Motor Group is great news for both us and the local community.”

‘This Day in 1918’ is one of four major public events planned for the city, under the banner of ‘Carlisle Remembers 1918’, to mark the centenary of the declaration of the Armistice that ended the four-year conflict.

Visitors to Carlisle Castle will be transported back to 1918 as part of the special anniversary commemorations on Saturday 10th November with an all-day re-enactment of what life was like at the castle and in the city 100 years ago.

Historic Carlisle Castle one hundred years ago
Historic Carlisle Castle pictured around 100 years ago

A central part of this display will be a full-sized replica Mark IV tank, currently under construction at RAF Spadeadam, similar to that which sat outside the castle gates until 1935.

Visitors will be able to experience soldiers being trained for battle and the wounded being treated for their life-changing injuries in the military hospital.

Refreshments will be available, served by staff in period costume and a beer tent will operate under the rules of the State Management Scheme, which were in force in licensed premises at that time.

There will be a torch lit procession from the castle to Carlisle Market Square where the terms of the Armistice will be read out from the steps of the Town Hall.

Both events will be free to attend, with collections on behalf of the Royal British Legion.

To finish off the day, a special Festival of Remembrance will take place at the Sands Centre, with songs and music from the era. Community groups, choirs and bands from across the County will evoke the spirit of the time and will provide an excellent evening’s entertainment.

For details on contributing to ‘Carlisle Remembers 1918’, please visit

Craig Kirkpatrick presents donation to Carlisle Remembers 1918 at Carlisle Castle
Craig Kirkpatrick from Lloyd Motor Group, presents sponsor donation to Colonel Anthony Steven of ‘Carlisle Remembers 2018’ in front of the iconic Weeping Window poppies sculpture at Carlisle Castle
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