17 April 2024

Progressors who’ve Progressed: Meet Dan!

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Meet Dan, our Sales Executive at Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle!

Meet Dan, our Sales Executive at Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle!

Dan has been with Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle for his entire working life, starting his time with us at 15 years old, cleaning vehicles on the forecourt on Saturday mornings. Now, 12 years on, Dan helps our clients find their perfect vehicle as a Land Rover Sales Executive. Read on to find out more about Dan’s career path, as he moved from Valeter to Vehicle Progressor, and finally to his Sales Executive role.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

“I'm Dan, I'm 27 and I’ve been with Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle for my whole working life! Outside of work you’ll most likely find me playing golf, albeit not very well! I enjoy a trip to the Lake District for a short break away and a wander up the fells. I love all forms of sport and am a big Carlisle United fan”.

Can you tell us about your journey at Lloyd Motor Group, from starting as a Valeter to becoming a Sales Executive?

“I joined Lloyd Motor Group when I was 15 as a part-time Valeter, cleaning the cars on the forecourt on a Saturday morning before heading to the Carlisle game, and during school holidays. After leaving school and trying sixth form for all of 1 day, I studied for a year at Newton Rigg college before joining Lloyd Land Rover as a full-time Valeter. My time as a Valeter was incredibly fun but also very hard work, and I learnt a lot there from Gogs, our Valet Supervisor, and the Valeting team who always helped me out, not just in terms of work skills but with life in general! I still see Gogs and the team in the valet bay every day which is great.

"In 2016 I moved into the role of Vehicle Progressor, organising the cars from making their way into stock, through the workshop preparation to being on the forecourt for sale and advertised online. I worked closely with each department in the business and being such a busy site the role was certainly challenging at times! I never envisaged being a Sales Executive, but my time as a Vehicle Progressor did spark an interest, and thankfully Will, our General Sales Manager, and Steve, our Head of Business, offered me the opportunity to join the Land Rover sales team in November 2018 which I jumped at. Sales was a big change at first, moving from a Monday-Friday job to working weekends and longer hours, but I've never looked back since! I've been part of the Sales team for over 5 years now and love the job, the business, the brand and the clients."

What do you enjoy the most about being a Sales Executive?

"The people! I always wanted a career where every day was different and this certainly is. It's great to meet and speak to so many different people on a daily basis. A new car is such a big purchase and being able to help with that is a great feeling, and there's nothing better than seeing clients’ excitement in getting a new car. The brand itself is also worth a mention; Land Rover has such heritage and runs through generations so it's nice to see that carried on, and working with such a prestige brand is amazing".

How has Lloyd Motor Group supported you throughout your career journey?

"The support I have had from day one has been incredible and still is now, as I've experienced firsthand that there's opportunity to progress in the business, and hard work is rewarded. From a sales perspective, I was a bit like a rabbit in the headlights at first! Sales was a whole new environment for me but I was supported with a wealth of knowledge from my colleagues who were always there to keep me right, and there were plenty of sales training courses to attend to get me up to speed and soon become accustomed to my new role. There are still frequent training sessions which I attend to keep improving".

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

"In 10 years’ time I aim to still be with Lloyd Land Rover and have progressed my career further still. I can't imagine a career anywhere else. A lower golf handicap would be nice too!"

Quickfire Questions:

First Car - "2004 Fiat Punto"
Current Car - "Land Rover Defender"
If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you choose? - "Peter Crouch, Adam Sandler, Phil Tufnell, Jeremy Clarkson, Tom Brady"
Sweet or Savoury - "Sweet"
Passenger or Driver - "Driver"
Vacation or Staycation - "Staycation"
Summer or Winer - "Summer"

Dan’s journey at Lloyd Motor Group is a great example of where a career with us can take you.

If you think a role at Lloyd Motor Group could be for you, browse our current vacancies below.


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