02 May 2024

Stephanie Runs Her 50th Marathon!

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Stephanie Runs Her 50th Marathon!

Stephanie Runs Her 50th Marathon!

Our Service Advisor at Lloyd Volvo South Lakes, Stephanie Sharp, recently completed her 50th marathon! Over the past 5 weeks, Steph has gotten to this amazing milestone by completing her most recent marathons in Rome, Paris and Vienna. Keep reading to find out more about where her marathon-running experience started, and how many more she has planned…

Congratulations, Steph! How long have you been a runner, and what made you first get into running?

“I first started running at 40, as I broke my back in a fall from the Dairy roof at home (we have a dairy farm 2 miles from Volvo South Lakes). The doctor told me it could start causing me problems as I got older if I didn't try to keep it mobile.

“I also had chronic asthma at the time, needing steroids/antibiotics 2-3 times a year for chest infections and hospitalized a couple of times, which the doctor said would also be improved with a bit of running. He does say now that he only really meant 2-3 miles a week! But when I started running and my asthma improved and I wasn't having problems with my back, I carried on.

"I do not have asthma now and I do not ever have trouble with my back, I am very fit and well. If you were taking a daily pill that made you feel well and eat and sleep better, you would not stop taking that pill, so whilst I can I will keep running!".

How do you prepare for your marathons?

“I do buy good trainers, but apart from that I don't pay gym memberships or anything, I just run locally. I eat better and more, and sleep really well which means my mind is more focused as it has had time out. I work full time hours, but we do also have the farm I help with at weekends, so training is limited, but I feel like I do enough through the year to get me from one to the next”.

Out of the 50 marathons you have completed, which has been the most memorable and why?

“I did New York marathon on my 50th birthday with my daughter, who does play rugby but hadn't done much running. That was quite emotional and memorable, but I have done Paris now 6 times and that one is a favourite - the route is amazing. I have also done Rat Race's The Wall 5 times and doing it a 6th time this year, and love that too. It’s 70 miles and you are allowed 24 hours to complete it. Usually, I can do that between 17 and 18 hours. The pitstops are amazing - it's all about the food!

“My husband is very happy staying with his cows, and doesn’t like travelling or people and cities particularly, so when I do my marathons, I get to travel, generally over 3-4 days and I keep it cheap - I don't need a fancy hotel room”.

What has been your fastest time so far?

“My best time for marathon distance has been 3.54 which was 6 years ago now, although I have had 4 hours a couple of times, somewhere between 4 and 4.15 is a general.

Have you got any more marathons planned?

“This year so far, I’ve completed:
January- 1 half marathon, and 24 miles in the Thats Lyth run.
February – 1 half marathon
March - Rome Marathon
April - Paris Marathon and Vienna Marathon

“For the rest of the year, I’ve planned:
May - Edinburgh Marathon (and I may also do Windermere marathon)
June - The Wall, 70 miles
July - Lakeland Montane, 50 miles
August - Isle of Man possibly, but I haven’t booked it yet as it’s grass time at home
September - Inverness Marathon
October - Lakes in a Day which is 50 miles, and the Florence Marathon in Italy
November and December - just a couple of half marathons locally!

“One bug bear at the moment is London Marathon. I have tried to get into London Marathon with the ballot for 15 years without success, but I would have to do it as a charity place and that would cost around £3,000. I generally pay £300 - 400 in total for a weekend, with flights, room and entry. I have done Berlin, New York and Chicago of the big six Abbott marathons which just leaves Tokyo, Boston and London on my to do list!"

Congratulations again Steph on this amazing achievement, and good luck with all of the other marathons you have planned for the year!


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