27 October 2022

Women in Business: Lloyd Kia Carlisle

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Here at Lloyd Kia Carlisle, we are celebrating women in business. This week, we shined the spotlight on two of our employees; Kat Whitehead, recently promoted from Showroom Host to Sales Executive and Emma Wilkinson, our Business Development Executive. Read below to learn more about them, their roles, and what they enjoy doing in their spare time!

Kat grew up in Germany and was born in Carlisle. She is mum to her 8-year-old boy and is cleaning obsessed!  

Kat, congratulations on your promotion! Have you had Sales in your sights for a while?

Yes, I have been just waiting for the right moment the business is growing and I have found the confidence to take the next step.

What excites you most about your new role?

I love dealing with customers and now I am excited to find them their dream car, that really excites me knowing how happy they will be driving away in something I helped them find.

Emma is originally from Cockermouth and moved to Carlisle in 2006. She lives with her husband and when she's not in work she loves to travel and socialise, whilst also enjoying fitness to "keep the grey matter in prime condition."

Emma, your job title is Business Development Executive, what does this entail? 

I work with businesses to find fleet solutions. This could be the company car driver or the business owner themselves. It can be a self-employed person or an SME. We offer a range of funding solutions and our business customers for Kia are now nationwide.

You’ve been with Lloyd Motor Group now for 2 ½ years, what advice would you give anybody who wants to join the motor trade?

I had never worked at a dealership before, but you will have some transferable skills and then it’s just building on them. The good thing is it’s fast paced and no day is the same. Also, there are so many roles in the industry it can be a career for sure.

What do you both enjoy about working at Lloyd Motor Group?

Kat: I love working as a team and Lloyds has to be the best company I personally have worked for. You're more than a number and that’s been felt from the very beginning for me.

Emma: The fact the business is still family-owned means a lot as that is what I have always been used to working within. It makes you feel appreciated. I also like the different and friendly people I work with. My role is now very busy, the days fly in and there’s a lot of satisfaction that has come from no sales to many.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Kat: Outside of work I love watching my son play football and being with family and friends. I also love going for walks with my Labrador.

Emma: I’m dog obsessed so my two labs have a lot of attention, I also like to head to bars and restaurants with friends and family, and to holiday as much as I possibly can!

Which Kia do you love the most and why?

Kat: For me, it's my Kia Ceed GT Line, I've just swapped it to the Niro hybrid it’s a lovely drive but my Ceed GT Line had a lovely look.

Emma: The EV6. It’s a superb electric car and fun to drive.


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