23 January 2023

1000 Miles with South Lakes Volvo

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Following a successful ‘Electric Vehicle Tour’ with the all-electric BMW iX, Cumbria Tourism has been getting to grips with its Volvo XC60 T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid from Lloyd South Lakes Volvo.
It’s part of a new Strategic Partnership with Lloyd Motor Group, with both businesses aiming to promote the adoption of more eco-friendly modes of transport in the county.

The Cumbria Tourism team have been all over the county with the Volvo already this year, discovering the benefits of a plug-in hybrid, making use of both an electric and a traditional engine. From Carlisle to Ravenglass the team have clocked just over 1000 miles in the T8 Recharge so far and say they are making the most of a more sustainable way of getting around.

Gill Haigh, Managing Director comments “It’s fabulous! It’s a lovely drive, very quiet and super smooth too. We’ve had a car full of staff in the Volvo, yet it was perfectly comfortable with plenty of room. We made use of the large boot with projectors and flipcharts with plenty of room to spare. I love the heated steering wheel, especially on those frosty winter Cumbrian mornings.”

Ben Melling, Business Support & Development Coordinator adds “I’ve really enjoyed spending my time in the XC60. It has the nimbleness of a hatchback with the spaciousness of a larger vehicle. The panoramic roof, head-up display and wireless charging pad are great features that I’ve come to love. Charging is easy, just plug it in and wait while going about day-to-day life, and the 35 miles of electric range is sufficient for most of my daily needs. Plus, having a fuel tank eliminates any range anxiety."

Rachel Tyson, Head of Partnerships and Projects comments “The Volvo is really easy to drive, the adaptive cruise control is perfect for motorway driving up to Carlisle. Driving through the country lanes of Cumbria, the car feels agile and much smaller than its exterior may suggest.”

The XC60 is the first of a number of vehicles across the Lloyd Motor Group brands that Cumbria Tourism will be demonstrating to businesses across Cumbria as part of their Strategic Partnership. The two businesses have joined forces as part of a long-term agreement and will continue to work together to promote the adoption of more eco-friendly modes of transport in the county.

Gill Haigh adds, “It’s a great opportunity to test the range of electric and hybrid vehicles offered by Lloyd Motor Group and to share their experiences and insights with member businesses, visitors, and key stakeholders as we continue to promote sustainable transportation. Cumbria Tourism is thrilled to be demonstrating a like-minded brand fully committed to sustainability.”

The XC60 is part of the sustainable shift for Volvo who say they are committed to rethinking sustainability in their operations; the T8 offers a plug-in hybrid model that utilises both petrol and an electric motor.


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